Saturday, August 28, 2010

"I didn't realise I had that much"

While staying with my Gran I've been helping her sort out her (extremely extensive) stash. Refolding, consilidating, reorganising, pilfering, things like that. Today we hit the jackpot. We found, hidden away in a couple of boxes, enough Liberty fabric to make your jaw drop.

Apparently it was mostly bought from a guy that used to come down a couple of times a year and sell off-cuts of Liberty. A lot of it was taped into rolls of fabric, so this afternoon I unwrapped it, ironed it all and measured it, so now we know exactly how much of it there is. The pieces range from small pieces through to 3-4m cuts.

Granny has been kind enough to say that while I'm here I can select some fabric that I'd like and I can have it ... and I have to say, the Liberty is awfully tempting... What would you make out of it? What quilt patterns would be great made up in some of the above pictured Liberty? A summer liberty quilt would be amazing wouldn't it! I'd feel bad taking more than I need, so suggestions please!!!


  1. Such an amazing find!!!
    You could take a small selection of each and do something like this:
    But anything you do will be a wonderful memento of your visit with your Gran!!
    Andi x

  2. Totally scrumptious! Personally, I'm eyeing off the green in the second row down....granny doesn't want to adopt me, does she?

  3. Beautiful - so lovely. I love Clair's idea of showcasing a variety. It's timely you should blog this, because I've started my own stash of grey lawns without anything in particular in mind. I'll bring them along to the next Guild meeting


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