Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hexy Progress

My trip is advancing at a scary speed, the main holiday part is over and I'm flying to the US today for a conference (and then three more days of holiday in New York). Since leaving my Gran's house last week I've been having a great time catching up with friends; one night in Bristol and then a week in Birmingham.

I haven't forgotten that I promised you updates from the festival of quilts, and you will get them once I have more reliable computer access and thus the means to post photos. However, something I have been plodding along with (aided by my new pouch for them) is my hexagons. A fair few done on train and coach journeys, and some more done quietly in front of the tv, I'm amassing quite a few hexagon flowers now. 25 down and a hundred or so to go, and then I need to get some pale green solid to add borders around the flowers. It's a good job that I'm still enjoying the process!!


  1. Looking great Rachel, you could do some in christmas colours and make a wreath out of them just like that


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