Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Finished: Crescent Skirt!

I showed you a sneak peek of my Crescent Skirt the other day, but now I have photos of the finished garment to share. I wore the skirt on Sunday but sadly there wasn't a potential photographer around during daylight hours. I wore it again today however, and my friend Jacinta kindly snapped some photos for me during my lunch break. Apologies for the slightly windswept look, it was ridiculously windy here in Melbourne today.

The skirt is a huge success. It is super comfy, both for sitting, walking and standing, not twisting or shifting at all. I definitely plan to make some more versions. The pockets are great too - they're really big so great for sticking things in, and best of all, having stuff in your pockets doesn't mess up the line of the skirt - most of my other garments with pockets you can at least tell when I have my phone in my pocket, but with this skirt you can't really tell.

As I mentioned before, I sewed this up with my friend Laura. We followed the instructions that came with the pattern and also referred to Tasia's fantastic sew-along posts for extra guidance and reassurance. They were very handy as they showed us photos confirming what we had to do. The only difference we did from the pattern was add a lining, which Tasia details how to do anyway.

Fun red lining!

We followed the instructions for inserting the zip into the skirt, and although it took a little while to get our heads around the method (although the photos helped immensely), once we did it we loved it! I will definitely be remembering it for other patterns, as it really leaves the skirt nice and neat on the inside and the outside. I definitely prefer it to an invisible zip, and it's much quicker than hand picking one.

Lovely neat zipper insertion, inside and out

One last exciting thing about my crescent skirt is that it elicited what Elizabeth refers to as an "unsolicitation" while I was at work today - a random women in the lift told me that she loved my skirt and that it added some much needed brightness to a dull day. That's the first "unsolicitation" I've ever recieved, so that made me very happy!


  1. Love this Rachel, looks great on you and it's great to see how this looks on the inside with the lining!!!

  2. Looks gorgeous! Well done! Love the fabric, and the lining is a great colour choice, very cheerful indeed!

  3. Your skirt is really gorgeous - and that is fab news about your 'unsolicitation'!!

  4. You look awesome, love the boots too - Kelly

  5. It turned out fantastic! I love the print!

  6. It looks great on! Nice work :)

  7. I love your skirt! That flower print fabric is gorgeous - and so is the lovely lining!


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