Thursday, September 6, 2012

Inspiration: Hand Knit Cardigans

I think I've plucked up enough courage to try knitting a real garment, and so have spent the last couple of days researching patterns and yarns. Thus, I have come across a whole bunch of gorgeous patterns. Here are some of the cardigan patterns that I have particularly been lusting over...

Cherry | Derica Kane | Henrietta Maria

Miette | Peggy Sue | Whole Wheat | Wild Berries

Basic Black | Agatha | Blair | Bright Star

Zig Zag | Emelie | From this day forward

Philomena | Cecilia

(Click on the photos for a link to the pattern on ravelry)


  1. Loving the fawn/beige one next to the mint one. The pattern, sleeves = lovely

  2. Wow. What a smorgasboard of hand-knitted goodies! My fav's would be the first lemony-line one (Cherry) and the purple one with the asymmetric buttons down the front (Wild Berries). And I'll take my hat off to anyone with the patience to do something like this... Which one takes your fancy, and what colour are you thinking of?

  3. Not sure if you saw my response to your comment the other day, but I suspect you did because I've got some of these in my faves :-)

  4. Go for it! I really like the Cherry, Whole Wheat and Blair paterns (although I'm not too keen on the Blair buttons). Some of the patterns look a lot easier / quicker to knit up for a first attempt but the good thing about knitting is if you go wrong you can unravell the yarn and try again!

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