Saturday, December 29, 2012

Post Christmas Fabric Shopping...

I had a lovely Christmas with my family, but none of my gifts were sewing related (gasp!).  So I'm sure in subconcious retaliation I've taken full advantage of the post-christmas sales...

First, on Boxing Day I went into the city with Kat to go to the Clegs remnant sale. I was very restrained and only bought one piece of fabric, this disrupted-striped jersey (1.6m):

Then yesterday I popped across to spotlight with Oanh to see if they had anything that struck my fancy, and they sure did! I'm a sucker for nice printed cottons (or poly-cottons), and this time of year Spotlight never disappoints!

First this pear print searsucker is destined to become a dress (2.5m):

And a fruit print voile, probably also a dress (2.5m):

I couldn't go past this chiffon on the sale table, it's so beautiful (3m):

And this chiffon will probably become another pendrell blouse (1.5m):

And how cute are these birds! This poplin will probably also become a dress, or maybe a skirt (2.5m):

This is also a voile and so striking. This will be a dress or a gored skirt, I haven't decided (2.5m):

I absolutely fell in love with this peacock print voile when Oanh spotted it! It MUST become a dress with some fussy cutting to perfectly place the peacock! (2.5m):

Another printed voile, probably another dress (2.5m):

I don't know what this was, but it has gorgeous drape. I bought it to give to my Gran to potentially become a Sorbetto (1.5m):

Of course none of it was for the two projects I have planned: my Cordova jacket and Hollyburn skirt, but nevermind, there are plenty more fabric shops to visit! The big decision now is where to start...?!


  1. I love them and my favorite would have to the Voile... those colours are divine! Looking forward to seeing them come to life. It sure is a hard decision on which one to start with... if they were mine I'd probably start with the voile :)

  2. Gorgeous. Especially love the peacock far I've been good and not made a trip to Spotlight for their sale.

    1. I know! I've already started sewing the peacock fabric.

  3. I don't think I could go past the chiffon roses either.

    1. It's so beautiful! Now the challenge is to find a pattern that's worthy of it.

  4. I love a good Boxing Day bargain, especially a fabric one! ;) Ohh love the purple rose chiffon and the blue bird poplin. I have that cotton voile in the pink/orange colourway, it is cut for lining my Lady Grey coat come winter. Oh and those peacocks! I have to find them! I think I need to go visit Spotlight...

  5. I felt I was restrained too! Thanks for the lovely day dear friend! :)


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