Sunday, April 14, 2013

SewCie Tea!

Today was the SewCie Tea, organised by the fabulous Melanie, and it was amazing! There were a whopping 26 lovely ladies that came along.

If clocks are to be believed we were at The Gables for three hours (two inside, and another hour outside chatting not wanting to say goodbye). I'm not convinced somebody didn't press fast forward though, as it felt like 5 minutes!

We were provided with some yummy savouries on the tables, and then a free-for-all buffet style with the delish desserts.

The afternoon was fabulously organised by Mel, who even had special name badges for us all to wear, complete with magnet fastenings so that our dresses weren't damaged.

Mel has promised posted a blog post in the next couple of days with more photos, a list of who was there and links to blogs, so check on over there for details, but there were some absolutely stunning outfits worn today! (Also for sneak peeks of my dress!)

It was about half:half familiar faces vs new-to-me people, so lots of fun catching up with friends and meeting new people.

Did you know we're already planning our next outing? So keep the 7th of September free for Frocktails, and keep a look out on Kat's blog for details (I'll link when she posts them, of course).

Details and proper photos of my dress will follow in another post, as it deserves a full post of its own!

Thanks for organising such a lovely afternoon Mel, it was awesome!!

PS: If you are planning on coming to Social Sewing next Saturday, please RSVP on this post.


  1. I had a wonderful time, I'm glad you did too. You looked lovely Rachel!

  2. Fantastic post for a fantastic day! Thank you so much ladies!

  3. It was fabulous! Lovely seeing you all today. L x

  4. You have some lovely pics here Rachel! It was great meeting you (albeit v. briefly) & looking forward to some more dress photos- you looked gorgeous :)

  5. I was hoping there would be some pics when I got back from NZ today! You all looked fabulous and I'm sorry to have missed such a fun event. Next time! See you on Sat though. H x

  6. What a wonderful meeting! and stunning dressess! I am sure you all had great time!

  7. You all look so lovely! I'm glad to hear you all had a great day. I wish I could have been there. Hopefully I will make it in September for frocktails.

  8. It looks like you ladies had a fantastic time :) Free-for-all desert buffet? Oh my!

  9. That's weird - I left a comment on here this morning but if doesn't seem to be showing up... Just wanted to say this is my favourite dress of everything you've ever sewn, it's beautiful and you've done your Gran proud. I'm really interested to see the construction process and any tutorials you have up your sleeve. Fab!


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