Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Replacement Wallet

You may or may not remember that I made a wallet for myself a bit over a year ago. Unfortunately really quite quickly after finishing that wallet it started to look a little sad:


The iron on vinyl that I had applied to the outer fabric started tearing, where the press-stud was applied started to stretch out and overall the wallet became floppy and sad looking.


So, while I was in the UK last July I picked up some gorgeous Oil Cloth from the shop at Cowslip Workshops.... and it had been sitting in my stash until fairly recently.


I liked the overall design of the wallet, so made another one using the same tutorial as last time. As with the one I made for my gran I added some extra layers of interfacing (I interfaced both the biggest pieces, and the pieces on the back of each pocket, and the flap for the snap with quite a stiff interfacing).

I decided to use two fabrics on the inside of the wallet, adding a pop of pink in the back and a pink zip.

Again I used my top-stitching foot for much of the top-stitching; I really do love that foot, it makes it so easy to get nice even top-stitching.


It all went together smoothly, being the third of these that I've made.


The only difficulties that I had were with the last bit of topstitching around the whole thing, where I had a few tangling issues and had to pull the stitching out and start again. But going slow I got there in the end.


I've already transferred my cards and money into it, hooray for a new wallet!!


  1. Love it! I definitely have to make myself one of these.

  2. This is all kinds of rad! I'm loving the pop of pink... but that's really no surprise ;)

  3. Super cute. I must make a couple of these, they would be great gifts

  4. Wow, that's beautiful! It looks so professional.

  5. its super cute, i need to have a go on trying this tutorial.. looks so fun x

  6. That wallet is super adorable. Love the fabric on the inside. You have done an awesome job with the construction.

  7. I'm really impressed! Could you post more information about iron on vinyls and what to look out for?

  8. We should have a wallet making day at sewing social, cause your wallet looks fab!


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