Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Wedding Quilt for Ruth

I took three quilts with me on my trip. I've shown you the two baby quilts (here and here), and this is the last quilt I took; a full sized quilt that was a wedding gift for my darling friend Ruth and her now-husband Jon, whose wedding was the reason for my trip.

I bought half of the fabrics last August almost straight after my last trip to the UK. I knew exactly what kinds of fabrics I wanted to get; florals and spots in pastels pink, blue, green and yellow. And it was very easy to get that. Throw in a few other fillers (Some cute gingham etc) and I think I got a pretty good selection going.

The fabrics then sat on my shelf for aaaages waiting for inspiration. Then in Feb I decided that I really needed to get around to actually designing something and starting to make it, or it wouldn't be finished in time to take with me.

At about the same time I also decided that the original bundle of fabrics I'd bought didn't quite offer enough variety for the type of design I was going for, so went out and bought some more. I ended up buying about as many again (and some of those new fabrics are some of my favourites!) and as such have once again got lots left over. I don't mind though, as I think it really made a difference to the look of the quilt.

I'll discuss the design process of the quilt in another post, so jumping through the design and piecing to the quilting... most of the quilt I decided to just echo the stitching lines 1/4" from the seams, but added some radiating lines out from the centre of the central dresden, and in the negative space of the large white triangles added some quilted dresdens. I didn't want to add too much as I was really happy with the effect of the piecing, but I'm happy with the effect I got.

I have already had the pleasure of sleeping under this quilt since it was gifted - it was always intended to live on their spare bed and since we stayed with them after the wedding this quilt was already on the spare bed. (Meaning that I actually got to sleep under two of my gifted quilts on my holiday, as I also got to sleep under Laura's while visiting her on this trip too).


  1. You're a nice friend. It must have taken ages to make.

  2. Your quilting skills are just amazing! I am going to make my sister a quilt for her wedding but it is so basic compared to yours it's ridiculous. I love the colours your chose and all the fabrics. Just gorgeous!

  3. Awesome, Rach. Simply awesome!


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