Thursday, January 23, 2014

Jungle January - Zebra Inspired Maxi

You guys, I have broken my maxi-dress virginity! And I think I might be converted...

Anyway, to make this maxi I used my knit t-shirt block to draft one. I took the block, changed the armholes to have a slight racer back, changed the neckline slightly, and then extended the sideseams to get a dress that was the width of the fabric. I added a bit extra ease from the waist down so that I would have a nice amount of ease through the hips, and just kept that line going.

The fabric is a funky stripe that I picked up in the Clegs boxing day sale a bit over a year ago. The way the stripe has been knitted has given it this uneven look, which I really like. I finished the neck and armholes off with some leftover black jersey, and easy done! A new dress!

Hurrah! On hot summer days at home, expect me to be wearing either this or my Portrait Dress!


  1. Love it! It turned out great.
    Flattering and easy to wear too - winner!

  2. looks fab on you! and definitely zebra-ish!

  3. Lovely .. Its fun to do quick proects :) - Diya TheHobbyHarbor

  4. Pretty and funky. I bet it's so comfortable. I can't wait until the return of weather so I can wear something like that!

  5. Love it - it certainly looks comfy and is flattering too.
    I do think you could have had a more jungle like pose, perhaps hiding behind a pot plant??? :P

  6. You rock the maxi dress, the fabric is perfect. Maxi dresses and I aren't friends sadly, I keep tripping on the long skirt!

  7. Such a flattering maxi. I bought a pattern like this ages ago but haven't gotten around to it yet.

  8. It's adorable! It looks so soft and comfy.


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