Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Will you share your Canadian(ish) knowledge with me?

I am excited to share with you that the boy and I are visiting Canada (and a little bit of the US) in a couple months time!

We will be flying into Toronto, and a week later flying out of Montreal to Seattle, and a week later again flying home from Vancouver. Not the longest of trips but hopefully long enough as it's all our annual leave balances will allow.

The reason I am sharing this information here right now is that we were hoping those of you that known those areas would be willing to share some of your knowledge with us. We still need to decide how long we will stay in each city, where we will be staying, exactly how we will travel between areas and what we will do. We have some ideas and will do more research, but personal recommendations (and anti-recommendations) are often better...

So... Any recommendations for Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Seattle or Vancouver? In particular "can't miss" activities, and the best areas to stay.

Thanks in advance!


  1. I really liked the Biodome in Montreal, but of course it depends what you're into.


  2. i can talk lengthily about all the things to do (and all the things to eat!) i montreal :) i am from montreal, but moved to sweden 7 years ago, so i have a pretty good list by now of all the things i need to do when i am there. shoot me an email and tell me what kind of things you' like to do (museums? outdoorsy things?) and when you'll be going and i'm sur i could give you some suggestions! for fabric shopping, it's probably best you ask heather from closet case files... ;)

  3. It ate my previous comment :-( Anyway I was saying that I was very jealous and that I would definitely recommend Vancouver Island as a day trip. Also you can't really visit Toronto and not go and see Niagara Falls (unless you have already seen them) :-)

  4. I live in Seattle so of course I have lots of opinions. Sorry in advance for blowing up your comments. Pike place market is cool, but it is NOTHING compared to Vancouver's Granville Island. I could spend an entire day there looking around, tasting, shopping, and eating. I really like the Boeing Future of Flight tour, up north near Everett (and I'm not a plane enthusiast) it's exciting to actually get into the factory and see how they make the planes. I realize that's not for everyone though. If you like wineries, Chateau Ste Michelle is delicious and fun-not pretentious, plus there is a fun brewery across the street-Redhook. Fremont is a great neighborhood, you can see the troll, go on the Theo chocolate factory tour, Fremont Brewing company, and Paseo has the most excellent Caribbean sandwiches, there is always a line for lunch! I love to take visitors on a Ferry (to Bainbridge or Bremerton) its fun to ride the big boat, get an excellent view of the Seattle skyline, grab lunch on the other side, maybe check out some cute shops, and ride back. Plus if the weather is clear you get a gorgeous view of Mt. Rainier. Not likely in the winter though. Speaking of, when will you be in Seattle? the Christmas ships are also a really fun way to get into a holiday spirit if you are her in December. The space needle doesn't have the greatest view (especially in cloudy weather) and expensive, so I don't really recommend to go up, but it is OK to look at. the 5-point cafe is a great local dive that also has good breakfast and a cool view of the needle from the bathroom! and speaking of breakfast...There are lots of great spots for breakfast/brunch-Hi-spot Cafe, Peso's kitchen, Pete's Eggnest, Portage Bay Cafe, Lowell's in the market (excellent views) and if you really want to go all out ---Salty's on Alki weekend brunch buffet. It is expensive. but the view is spectacular and they have pretty much anything you can imagine for brunch plus more! (crab legs, clams and mussels, salmon, pastries, pastas, oysters, willy wonkas chocolate fountains...ohhh my I think I might have to go in a few hours...)

  5. I really enjoyed the horse pulled carriage ride through Stanley park in Vancouver and I also would recommend the Capilano suspension bridge. Definitely let me know if you have any questions or want any more recommendations and let me know if you're going to brunch-I'll meet you there! hahaha!


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