Thursday, November 27, 2014

Liberty Portrait Blouse

When I was in London last year I attended an overwhelming meet-up on Goldhawk Road, which included a fabric swap. Unfortunately, I didn't have any fabric to donate to the swap, but the other attendees forgave me given that I was on holiday, and encouraged me to participate in the swap anyway.

I came away with a few pieces of fabric from the swap, one of which was this liberty fabric. I know right, who donates liberty fabric to a swap??? I don't actually know, but whoever that kind soul is, THANK YOU!

This post is horriffically delayed, I actually sewed this blouse, and even photographed it, at Sewaway in June, just hadn't blogged it yet. Nevermind, better late than never, right?

I decided to make another portrait blouse from the fabric. My previous versions get worn a lot, so another one seemed a good idea, and I didn't want to have to worry about breaking up this print with lots of seam lines.

Interestingly, I am assuming due to the difference in drape between this fabric and the fabrics used for the previous versions (this one was less drapey), this version comes across as larger than those previous versions. I think borderline too big. Not that that's stopped me from wearing it, but it's an interesting observation for future note.

As expected for Liberty, the fabric was a dream to sew up. I didn't do anything fancy with the construction, finishing the arm and neck holes with some purchased cream bias binding.


And in true BimbleAndPimble style (pictured above and who I was making faces at in the photo above that), I'll end this post with some silly photos because I don't have anything more to say.


  1. and such a gorgeous Liberty as well! Lovely pairing, and it looks so perfectly seasonably appropriate now (rather than in Ballan in June...). Very cute ;)

  2. Lovely Liberty! I really love this style of blouse and yours is gorgeous.

    The photos of you and Amanda crack me up. I have much love for that girl!

  3. Ha ha love those last few photos! Gorgeous blouse. The style looks great on you. I love th fabric! What an awesome find.

  4. Great blouse. You've picked the right pattern for this print.

  5. I love this blouse, Rach! It makes the print the feature and allows you room to groove- always the most important part! Miss your lovely self- am planning to visit Melbourne early next year and we can make silly faces at each other! :D

  6. Happy dance!! How fun was that weekend - can't wait for the next one!


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