Friday, February 20, 2015

Kimono Tee

While trying to sew clothes that I know I will wear, it's easy to fall into a 'safe' zone and repeatedly make very similar items. I've been trying to keep at the back of my mind a push to mix in some experiments where I try things that aren't necessarily part of my safe zone.

This project is one of those that's very slightly outside my safe zone. The pattern is the Maria Denmark Kimono Tee, a free pattern that you can get by signing up to her newsletter. I know it really probably does still seem very safe, but I sometimes find it tricky with clothes that have positive ease but are still flattering.

I made the BL size, lengthening the sleeves by about 11cm (as described here). I may yet cut them down to the drafted length to see how that feels. We'll see.

The top is quite long, but I quite like the 'bunched' look that it gets as it comes to a rest at my hips.

I also tried finishing the neckline with clear elastic, which I probably wouldn't do again as it isn't sitting all that well, with fabric of this weight at lest.

I showed this top to Darren mid-construction and asked him what he thought of the fit, and he said it looked good except asked if I would be taking it in at the waist. Uh-oh! Despite his comment, I didn't take it in at all, as I wanted to try the loose style, as I hoped it would also make a good blousey fit when tucked into skirts. I think I've achieved this, and think it looks alright both un-tucked and tucked in.

I haven't actually worn this yet, but look forward to it. Hopefully the merino will make for a nice cosy but adaptable work top.

Pattern: Maria Denmark, Kirsten Kimono Tee
Fabric: Merino Jersey from The Fabric Store
Notions: Thread, clear elastic

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What about you, do you try and sew outside of your safe zone? What proportion of your projects are 'safe' vs 'experiments'?


  1. Hi I've made a couple of these with clear elastic on the neckline and it is bunched on both and doesn't sit flat. Think maybe doing the neckline with a band may be better but haven't wanted to try it yet for fear of wasting fabric.

    1. It might be worth a try. I have actually already made one with a band of fabric, which I cut 1.5" wide, so 0.75" once folded in half to give a ~0.5" visible band once stitched. I cut mine at 85% of the length of the neckline, marked the quarters, and it worked fantastically.

  2. I love this pattern. Its fast & simple but I wear my Kimono Tee all the time.

  3. I also have issues with garments with positive ease. This top is in my to-do list and will be sewing it soon. I hope it turns well.

  4. Great timing on this post for me - I am just about to tape the Kimono pdf together. I have a Uniqlo T-shirt of this style and I am going to choose the size that matches that. I don't like too much ease. I am definitely not going to attempt the clear elastic and will go with the bound edge (at 85% as you suggested, thanks).

  5. I like this on you, Rach! That is the perfect level of skirt to top blousing there- epic win!


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