Thursday, March 5, 2015

On the hunt for the perfect fabric pouch...

Firstly, thanks to everyone that has filled in my little measurement form from my last post. If you haven't filled it in yet, please hop over to the post to get the details and link.

And onto the business of this post...

We potentially have some travel coming up, so I've been contemplating options for organising our things in a flexible and portable way. One obvious option is sewing up some fabric pouches for storing things in.

I quickly made up this Open Wide Zippered Pouch from the tutorial by noodlehead from fabrics etc from my stash to try out the style.

I quite like the pouch, as it has a square base so sits nicely on surfaces, and you could even line up a few in a drawer for example and when open they'd tesselate together quite well. I'm not sure if this size is the right size for my needs, but overall I like the pouch so far, I've found it quite useful for ferrying things various places.

Does anybody have any other zippered pouch patterns or tutorials they can recommend?
I would like to try out a few before settling on my favourite and making multiple.


  1. I just sewed a zippered pouch for my husband but I didn't like the end result because the end of the zipper forms a bump. This pouch is much better because it eliminates the horrible bump!!! You choice of fabrics is lovely. I have a question: the tutorial says to sew the strip of fabric to the zipper after sewing all the pouch, is it difficult? I think it would be better to do it before closing al the bag.

  2. I like this square makeup bag:

  3. I quite like this boxy pouch:

  4. The noodlehead pouch is by far my favourite pattern. It eliminates all the annoying bits I have come across in other patterns. Personally, I tend to box the bottom out 1/2" shorter than it says in the tutorial, but other than that I love it! I've made about 10 of these. The dumpling pouch is also very popular though I haven't made one of those.

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