Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Ralph, now with added cherries

Do you remember Ralph? Ralph is a skirt pattern that I drafted and shared the first version of here (wow, back in March of 2013, how time flies!). That first Ralph was a little big to start with, and then became unwearable when I lost some weight.

I examined that version and determined that the back (and placement of the side seams) was largely alright, it mostly needed width being removed from the front. So, after determining how much width to fold out of the front panels of the skirt I have remade Ralph, and this time the fit is perfect!

I want to say that the fabric for this version is a printed stretch denim (or something similar), but I don't know, as the fabric was a gift from the lovely Mindy when she was culling her fabric stash quite some time ago (Thanks Mindy!).

Now the fit is perfected, I'm looking forward to making another version of Ralph with some of the fabric I got in Vancouver last year.


  1. The cherry print is the perfect antidote to dull winter days. Love it.

  2. This looks like a perfect fit to me. The print is great.

  3. That fabric is GORGEOUS! Reminds me to ring up and buy some floral stretch denim I saw a few weeks ago before the shop sells out of it all...

    The skirt looks awesome though - I like shorter skirts and tights for winter so I may well copy you a bit in the upcoming winter months.

  4. Wahey for a new Ralph! That fabric is perfect

  5. Wahey for a new Ralph! That fabric is perfect


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