Saturday, January 16, 2010

Best Birthday Cake EVAR!

Slightly belated in posting these as it's been a somewhat hectic week, but I wanted to share pictures of the amazing cake that my dear friend Sally made me for my Birthday:

Yes, it was sewing themed!! She made all the decorations herself, from the icing buttons on the side,

To a little pair of scissors and a thimble,

Some spools of thread,

A tape measure,

Some folded up fabric,

And a sewing machine, threaded up,

And halfway through sewing a red quilt (notice she's even got the detail of the line of stitching behind but not in front of the needle!)

Not only did it look amazing, it tasted fantastic too!

Double decker mud cake... mmmmmmmm!

Thanks again Sally!!!


  1. What an awesome cake - WOW - the detail - a very talented decorator indeed!

  2. That is one awesome cake!


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