Friday, January 1, 2010

Looking ahead to 2010...

As I just posted, I did pretty well with my goal of 52 crafts this year. Despite the main goal being quantity I have certainly learnt some new skills and improved those that I already had.

In terms of garment sewing I have learnt more about pattern drafting and alterations, and have done my first sewing on stretchy fabric. I've made my first shirts, and a whole wealth of other things.

Non-garment sewing I've learnt some embroidery, done a whole heap of patchwork and learnt basic free-motion quilting. I finished not just my first quilt, but my second and third as well (and become slightly addicted to quilt-making!)

Looking ahead to 2010 I have decided to aim for some specific things this year rather than just quantity (particularly as I am unlikely to have the same amount of time for sewing next year as I'm hoping to be writing my thesis).

Garment Sewing

- Sew with a plan
As I mentioned the other day my wardrobe is a bit skewed towards summer clothes and lacking in winter clothes. I hope to really assess what I have, get rid of stuff I don't wear and then compose a sewing plan to fill in the gaps. I don't know the details yet, but I expect that this will include some dresses and skirts that can be worn with tights, and some kind of warm tops. If I'm really ambitious maybe some kind of coat/jacket.

- Make some trousers
Trousers have been on my to-do list for a while, I even have a pattern I want to try: Vogue 2907. So next year I plan to make up these trousers (first as a muslin to work out the fit obviously).

Also in the trousers bracket I want to have a go at making some for the gym. The ones I have now are starting to wear out so I'll use them to make a pattern for some new ones.

- Make some swimwear
After a number of complete failures of shopping trips for swimwear I'm very close to giving up. I might take on the scary task of trying to make my own. I'd have to read up on it first and learn where to buy the right materials but despite the challenge I suspect it still might be easier than finding some that fit properly in the shops.

- Have a go at making undies
I suspect undies would be very quick and easy to make, so I'd like to have a go at making some this year.

I'd love to try making bras too, but I know that's not going to happen partly because I don't think I have the precision required yet and partly because I wouldn't have a clue where to buy the right materials. Maybe that can be a goal for another year.

More general goals would be to work on my accuracy with cutting and sewing, learn more fitting skills, and to learn new techniques such as different seam finishes (french seams, blind hems, etc).

Non-garment sewing
- Work on precision in my patchwork
Currently my patchwork is definitely very shoddy when it comes to precision. From seeing other people's work you really can tell the difference when things are carefully and precisely pieced, using the correct seam allowances, lovely straight seams, cutting things accurately to size, pressing seams properly, etc.

- Practice my quilting
After having my first go at free-motion quilting this year I'm very eager to do some more of it next year. I find it both relaxing and challenging and look forward to improving my technique, and trying some different designs.

Most of all, with all kinds of sewing, I intend to take my time, enjoy the process and take on the challenge of learning new things.

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  1. Well done on making a list of things to tackle for 2010. I too, have made goals to grow as a new artist in 2010. Look forward to seeing some of the wonderful clothing you will be making over the year. cheers from caroline


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