Thursday, February 23, 2012

Vogue 2902 - Finished Practice Dress

I showed you how I attached the straps, and now I've had a belt made to match my Vogue 2902 practice dress I can share pictures of the finished dress. I've also included comparison photos of the dress with and without a crinoline underneath.


Sadly despite making a muslin the dress has ended up a bit too big. I need to take it in a little in the front darts to make the waist a bit smaller. It also needs a smidge of length taken out at the bottom of the bodice at the back.


Doesn't the crinoline make a huge difference to the shape of the dress?!


As you can see in the below photos, I need to narrow the straps at the back slightly so that the straps cover my bra straps better at the back. I'm not sure if I should just move the straps, or just take a pinch out of the centre back, since it gapes a little when I push my shoulders back. I'll decide once I've worn it a little more.


I'm also very excited about the belt that I had made. I took my fabric in to Buttonmania and asked for a 1.5" wide belt. The lovely lady that served me then suggested that I get a "double bar" buckle, rather than needing to make holes, as she didn't have eyelets that would perfectly match the pink. I'm really happy she made the suggestion as it doesn't seem to slip through the buckle, and gives more flexibility to  how tight the belt is.

I would highly recommend getting a belt made a Buttonmania, despite it probably costing as much as the dress itself (since the fabric was on sale), I think it makes a huge difference.


  1. Rachel, great dress. It screams "I may be a PHd student, but I am a feminine being too'. Thanks for the tip about button mania belts. I have a trench jacket on the sewing table that would great with a more structured belt. Hope they do mail orders.

  2. What a cute dress and lovely fit! That is a great idea wrt the belt... I have a few dresses that were supposed to have belts made but I chickened out!

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