Friday, May 4, 2012

AQC Purchases

This post is a little belated since life has somewhat been in the way of my blogging, but I still wanted to post about it. Despite how tempting it is to spend heaps of cash when you go to a quilt show, it's also a bit overwhelming with how much stuff is there! My purchases this year were very modest and all from one stall - Scissorman.

Last year at the show I bought a medium sized pair of scissors from Scissorman. Long story short, there was a manufacturing problem with my scissors and they had a blunt patch. Inconveniently Scissorman are located in a different state to me so I was worried about being able to exchange them, but one phonecall to Scissorman and I was reassured - they offered to post me a replacement pair. In the end they put me in contact with the distributor as they were located very close to me and I got a brand new pair.

These scissors quickly became my absolute favourite scissors and I was using them for everything, even things they weren't really suited for as they were a bit too small. I was using them instead of my shears because my shears have not quite been the same since I made my Hikaru jacket, and have some blunt patches on them from people cutting into pins that have never quite sharpened out.

So I decided to buy some new scissors! After my sucess with my scissors last year I decided to stick with the same brand, Kai, and also due to the fantastic service I recieved, I decided to stick with Scissorman. I bought these beauties:

A little extravagant but they're so smooth and just the right size for my hand. Needless to say, these will be treated VERY well.

(They're also veeeeeeery sharp! As my hand can atest to, I snipped through some skin by mistake on the weekend! ouch!)

I also bought a new cutting mat - A1 sized for only $30!!! and some more rotary cutter blades and a 12.5" square ruler.

I'm very happy with my little haul, and have already started making very good use of it.


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