Monday, February 4, 2013

Hollyburn Sew-along - Finished Skirt No. 2 (and Bonus Pendrell)

As promised, today I'm sharing with you the other Hollyburn Skirt that I made as part of the Sew-Along. As it's a plain black skirt, to make this post slightly more interesting, I will also share with you a new Pendrell that I finished the other weekend (Long weekends of sewing rock!). I promise I really do wear my Hollyburn skirts with other tops too!

The Hollyburn skirt is a lovely fabric that I bought from Tessuti. I don't remember what it is, but it's lovely and spongy, and I'd love to go back and buy a whole bolt of it. It was lovely to sew with and even nicer to wear.

The blouse is made from a chiffon that I was gifted along with a heap of other fabric eons ago. I'd put off making a blouse from it for ages because it was quite a large piece so thought it should be a dress instead. But then I decided a blouse I would wear is waay better than it staying a piece of fabric forever, even if there is some waste.

A burn test on a scrap after cutting the fabric suggests that it is silk chiffon (as opposed to poly). How quickly it creases while wearing also supports that conclusion. I have decided that I am definitely not against polyester in certain circumstances, and chiffon is one of them. My first chiffon pendrell is a cheapo poly chiffon and that one hasn't needed ironing since I bought it, this silk one was creased after wearing it for 5 minutes.

Just like the first chiffon pendrell I made, I did view B with just the outer ruffle, which gives a cap-sleeved effect. I also again did french seams throughout, making the inside of the blouse as beautiful as the outside. I really am a massive fan of french seams.

Also, another new thing you can see in my pictures today, my new camera remote. Hopefully it will make taking blog photos on my own a bit easier.

Don't worry if you haven't finished, or even started, your skirts yet. The posts aren't going anywhere, and the list of links to them all will stay on the Sew-Along page, which is linked along the top of my blog below the banner.

 But remember, you need to send me a link or picture of your skirt by the 11th of Feb if you want your skirt included in the round-up post for the Sew-Along participants! I'm looking forward to seeing all your skirts.


  1. I love your sheer pendral, as soon as I saw your frist photo I thought, "100% Sewholic!" ;) haha - also I bought a remote for my camera too - BEST. PURCHASE. EVER!

  2. what a cute as a button (and sassy!) pendrell! The hollyburn looks like a total wardrobe staple- epic work as always, Miss Rach!

  3. A very nostalgic look. Love the combination.

  4. Brilliant combination of fabrics in your garments! I've just sent you an e-mail with my finished skirt pictures and some construction details to your Maiestia address. Thank you!


  5. Here is the link to my skirt -

    Once again, thank you so much!


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