Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hollyburn Sew-Along - Finished Skirt No.1

As promised, to round off the Hollyburn Sew-Along I need to show you the two skirts that I made. Today I'll show you the pink linen version, which was actually a gift for my mum (hence the extra effort of making the insides look super lovely).

Above is the skirt laid out, which is a really good way to show how flared it is - just imagine it doubled and that's what portion of a circle it is. And below, you can see that it's lined (the fabric wasn't see through or anything so didn't need to be lined, but my mum requested lined, so thats what it has).

And here it is on my mum:


Doesn't it look fabulous! I love the print, and the drape of the linen is just beautiful!

Don't worry if you haven't finished, or even started, your skirts yet. The posts aren't going anywhere, and the list of links to them all will stay on the Sew-Along page, which is linked along the top of my blog below the banner.

But remember, you need to send me a link or picture of your skirt by the 11th of Feb if you want your skirt included in the round-up post for the Sew-Along participants! I'm looking forward to seeing all your skirts.


  1. It's really lovely! I can't wait to make one too.

  2. You mom looks gorgeous in her Hollyburn! Nicely done, dear. That fabric has a perfect amount of drape for the skirt.

    Also, I sent you an email, because you WON the follower appreciation giveaway on my blog. If you would contact me to let me know you've gotten your pattern choice queued in the #1 spot, I'll get you your pattern ASAP! :-D

  3. This looks fab on your mum! Such a lovely make D :D :D

  4. I have finished the first one and I am working on my second :-)

  5. The skirt looks gorgeous on your mum! I'm hoping to start on view C for my daughter today. She's 12 so it just goes to show how versatile this pattern is!

  6. You win best sewer award *AND* best daughter award! This sewalong has been really fun to follow (even though I haven't made the skirt, yet) and your mum must be chuffed with how beautiful this skirt is! xx

  7. Ooh, it's really nice and summery! I finally finished mine during the week, and took pictures today: Thanks for hosting the awesome sewalong!


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