Thursday, February 25, 2010

Silky Purchase...

Last weekend I spent some time with my sewing machine and made up a muslin of my Sencha blouse and it turned out really well. It was useful in two ways; obviously finding out the fit, but also learning how the blouse goes together so I'm less likely to have any hiccups with construction when I'm working on the real thing. I don't have any photos of it yet , but I will get some. Due to this success I have taken the plunge and bought fabric.

At sewing club this evening I spent quite a while laying the pattern pieces on the fabric to work out exactly how much I needed. I ended up buying 1.3m, which was quite a bit less than the 1 7/8yd the fabric says to buy, which my bank balance is very grateful for! I bought the "Crepe De Chine Silk" I mentioned before (pictured and linked above), and also bought matching silk thread, some lightweight interfacing, the correct type of needles and some silk hand-wash solution. When I got home I hand-washed it and it's now drying so it's ready whenever I am.

I'm still planning on a "practice run" first with some royal blue fabric from my stash so I can get the hang of sewing with slippery fabric on something that I won't be devastated about if I ruin it. We did the burn test on it and concluded that it's definitely something artificial, probably acrylic or polyester. Either way the fabric has a similar drape to the silk so will be a very good practice run.

My goal for the weekend: To make at least the blue blouse

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