Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cate Parr Prints...

Last year I discovered Silver Ridge Studio on etsy. Cate Parr is an amazing artist who is selling originals and prints of some beautiful watercolour paintings. I wanted to get some of the prints back then, but at the time I was living in a bedroom in the roof-space and as such didn't have any walls to hang things on. Thankfully I have now moved and have walls so I'm re-visiting the idea.

I spent quite a lot of time yesterday looking through all the prints and liked far too many of them. I have now narrowed them down somewhat, but here are some of my favourites that didn't quite make the cut:

I think I've narrowed it down to two sets of three (think being the operative word).

Option 1:

Option 2:

Which would you choose?


  1. I think my favourites are actually in the ones that didn't quite make the cut! Out of the options you gave though, definitely option 1 (:

  2. Option 2! But both are beautiful so I don't think you can go wrong :)


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