Sunday, July 1, 2012

Audiobooks Update

Do you remember how I asked back in January for audiobook recommendations? Well I've had my audible subscription for a fair few months now so I thought I'd report back on how it's going.

The first book I downloaded was "A Grown up Kind of Pretty", by Joshilyn Jackson. I downloaded it based on a post by Sandi of  Piecemeal Quilts where she recommended the book. The audiobook is actually read by the author herself. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, finishing it so quickly (in about 2 weeks) that at the time I was worried that my 1 credit a month wasn't going to be enough!

The second book I downloaded was "I've got your number" by Sophie Kinsella. I've listened to or read all of Sophie Kinsella's other books, so was quite excited when I discovered that there was a new(ish) one that I hadn't listened to yet. I really enjoyed this book, much like I did all the other ones. If you're looking for high brow literature this book isn't the one for you, if you want a cheerful story that you enjoy listening to / reading.

The next book that I downloaded was "The Good, the Bad and the Dumped" by Jenny Colgan. This book wasn't actually downloaded with one of my credits, I instead used a $10 voucher that audible had sent me in an email - so one of the biggest factors in the choice of this book was that it cost me less than $10 ($9.95 infact). Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it!

After three "trashy" books, I decided that my fourth should be a bit more, I dunno, intellectual? So I downloaded "At home: A short history of private life" by Bill Bryson. Now this book is LONG - at almost 17 hours it is almost twice as long as some of the other books I downloaded. I've listened to "A short history of nearly everything" before, and both that and this were read by Bill Bryson himself, who is fantastic narrator. I really enjoyed listening to this book, as you would expect it was full of interesting facts, some of which have stuck with me, others that haven't, so I'm sure that at some point in the future I'll listen to it again.

Due to the length of "At Home", it took me longer than a month to listen to it, and in the rest of that month I listened to an audiobook that I got from the library; "Baby Proof" by Emily Griffin. I listened to the first 6-7 hours of this audiobook driving to and from Mount Beauty for my weekend away sewing  and I think I overdosed on the book a bit - I was a bit fed up with the book and switched to music instead for a while. Partly because I couldn't see how she would wrap up the book without the ending being disappointing. Now I won't spoil anything for anyone that wants to read it, but I did listen to the end, started enjoying it again and wasn't disappointed.

The last one that I've listened to is A Perfect Proposal by Katie Fford. I really enjoyed this one, listening to most of it in a few days until I got sick and my normal listening routine was disrupted. I finished it this week and was sad that it ended. The story was great, but the absolutely best thing about the audiobook was the narration by Jilly Bond, it really was amazing. To the point that my next purchase was another one narrated by her.

I've purchased a few more (one with a credit and two that were on sale) and loaded them onto my iphone to listen to on my flight over to the UK and while I'm there. If anybody's interested I'll report back again in a few months with mini-reviews of what else I listen to.

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  1. There is a great audio book of Jonathan Franzen's The Corrections.


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