Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Thurlow Trousers

I showed you my Thurlow Shorts the other week and at the time promised to show you the trousers that I made from the pattern.

The trousers I made are out of this lovely black and grey weave fabric, that appears grey unless you look closely. The fabric (also from the fabric store) is a bit thinner than the stuff I used for the shorts, and has a slight amount of stretch. I forget what the fibre content was.

Although I still absolutely love the pattern, I definitely love the shorts waaaaay more than these trousers for two main reasons. Firstly, I'm not that fond of trousers these days, so they've got an uphill battle from the start. Secondly, because of the slight stretch in the fabric these trousers have ended up slightly bigger than the shorts, making them borderline too big.

They are, however, a huge success over the last pair of trousers that I made - for starters I didn't royally mess up the zip, and secondly they aren't super shiney.

Having said all that, I'm not sure how much wear they'll get, so if anybody local is slightly larger than me and wants to try them and see if they fit, I'd be happy to donate them to them. Let me know!

I do like the fabric though, and have enough left to make another pair of shorts, which I think I'll make in the size smaller to try and compensate for the fabric stretch.


  1. Good on you for making pants! My clovers are totally eye-balling me as I type this, calling me a chicken...

  2. You've done very well. I need to make some new trousers very badly but can't face the drafting issues.


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