Friday, November 30, 2012

Dressember - I'm in!

I heard about Dressember on the internet a little while ago, and the idea has been ruminating with me ever since. What with it being December tomorrow (scary!) I thought I should actually make a decision, and I've decided to join in!

As the icon above says, in December I shall aim to wear a dress every day in the month, and repeats are allowed. I feel I'll have an easier time of it than my Northern hemisphere counterparts, but us Aussies have to have an advantage in something once in a while right?!

While I will plan to wear a dress every day in the month, I won't exclusively wear dresses - ie each day I will wear a dress at some point, but I will still also wear other things throughout the day as necessary (eg leggings/shorts for riding my bike).

I shall endeavor to follow along by posting photos on instagram using the #Dressember2012 tag, with intermittent updates here on my blog.

I thought that a good place to start would be to take inventory of the dresses I have. I was very surprised to find that I have 21 dresses (and that's after I culled a few that don't fit or I know I won't wear; they've been added to a donation pile).

EDIT: I've realised today that I forgot my Cambie in this count, so actually I have 22 dresses. Whoops!

Here are some stats about my dress collection:

  • 10 dresses that could be worn to work
  • 12 dresses that could be classed as summer dresses
  • 5 black dresses
  • 9 dresses with floral prints
  • 5 dresses that could be worn to a formal event
  • 13 me-made dresses
I also have one dress half finished, and fabric at the top of my to-make pile ready to be made into a full-skirted Cambie.

Wish me luck!

Will you be joining in?


  1. I did this once - although for Frocktober. I set myself a challenge of wearing a different dress... every day for a month. Tragically I managed... and had some left to spare. Ooops.

  2. Hey I just got on board with this Dressember thing!!! I'm excited. Good idea for taking inventory on what is available in the old wardrobe.

    Silver from A Silver Snapshot

  3. It is nice idea, but not in December in Russia!%)) Too cold and too snowy! But one time I made skirts in April, this was pretty funny%)

  4. Sounds like a great idea...I'd get through about a week and then be stuck though...

  5. Oh no I don't know what to do!! I only found out about this today - thru your instagram feed incidentally - and by chance I have a dress on today! But not sure whether to commit or not as there is a sort of uniform at work (polo shirts and trousers) which basically means that for MOST of the month I wouldn't be in dresses anyway. By the time I get back home it's late and dark and time to snuggle into my pyjamas! Does that mean I'll be breaking rules? So what do I do - wear dresses only on days that I'm not working? Help!

  6. Haha - this made me wonder how many dresses I have in my wardrobe! (well - the wardrobe, the dirty clothes pile, the floor...) I stopped counting once I passed 50 - oops! Fab idea, good luck!

  7. But Rachel, what about Frocktober!? Being summer, I do tend to err towards dresses, but am desparately short of tops will watch from the side lines.


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