Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Black and White Quilt for Barb

Aside from the sense of accomplishment that I get when I finish a project, what I would have to say that I appreciate the most from this little hobby of mine is the fantastic friendships that I has allowed me to make with others that also like to sew. The quilt I am sharing with you today is the product of such friendships.

Last year I joined together with 9 fellow quilters to make a birthday quilt for our mutual friend Barb, who was celebrating a particularly special milestone birthday. Knowing that she was planning a black and white party, we decided to make her a matching quilt.

With some input from the others, I designed two block designs that we decided to alternate in the quilt. The first block are pretty much all the same, but with different combinations of fabric. The square-in-a-square blocks all have a solid black border, then two print borders, but the centre square could be whatever.

We pooled together our black and white fabrics, and everyone made a few blocks. Then, a group sewing session later and we had a quilt top. The quilt was quilted by the fabulous Chris on her long-arm machine, bound by Lorraine and a label made by Sally.

This quilt was actually finished last October, however I only just got photos of the finished thing. Thank you to Lorraine, Sally, Bek, Lisa, Kristy, Lisa, Jos, Alissa and Chris who helped me orchestrate this grand scheme, which we managed to keep a secret until Barb's party where it was revealed and we were assured she adores it (and showed it around to all the other guests at the party!)


  1. Wow, It's all kinds of gorgeous - what a wonderful gift from you all x

  2. So lovely! What a rad bunch of ladies!

  3. Barb is very lucky to have such a great group of friends


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