Friday, July 5, 2013

Grey Beignet Skirt

You know when you make things and you can't wait to put them on and you wear them every day and you reluctantly stop wearing them so that you can wash them? Well this skirt was the exact opposite of that!

I made this skirt in January/February of last year (yes, 2012), almost a year and a half ago... The pattern is the Beignet from Colette Patterns, and I made the muslin in January and then made the skirt up in February, and then when I finished it off I just wasn't sold on the skirt. I didn't wear it. I had no great desire to wear it, and it just didn't get worn...

...until Me-Made-May of this year, when I was struggling to find casual me-made winter-suitable clothes and I pulled it out. I still wasn't completely sold on the skirt then, but then I pulled it out a couple of times during June and now it's starting to grow on me.

I made one alteration to the skirt which has improved it hugely, which was to stitch up the side-seam pockets. As soon as I moved at all the pockets would gape, and it was just annoying (see above). I was aware of the gaping the whole time I was wearing the skirt and I don't like to have to think about my clothes once I'm wearing them. A quick stitch up the seam-line later, and a snip-out of the pocket bags and I had nice sleek side-seams and a happier skirt.

Apologies for the skirt being massively creased in these pics, but these pics were quickly snapped by the lovely Sarah after a whole day of Social Sewing (which also explains the stray threads that I missed).

As I mentioned in the post about the muslin of this skirt, I traced a 12 for most of the skirt, tapering into a 10 at the waist, which gave a skirt that fits pretty well. The length is as it comes in the pattern.

I tried out a machine blind-stitched hem for the first time on this skirt (and only time actually). I liked how easy it was, but it didn't turn out all that invisible on this fabric, so I think I'll be careful about where I use it in the future.

The other key thing about this skirt is the sheer number of buttons. It took me a little while to find buttons, but I eventually got these matte dark-grey ones. I stitched the buttons on by machine as well (meaning that there wasn't a stitch of hand sewing in the entire skirt!)

So while it started as a bit of a dud, having worn it a few times now I think this skirt will grow to be part of my working wardrobe.

PS: Did you see my lovely new necklace in these pics? There's a better pic of it here. Isn't it awesome! I bought it from the fabulous and inspiring CurlyPops


  1. I am yet to make this, although I own the pattern, thanks for the tip on the pockets, I will bear that in mind :) With the blind stitch on the machine, I normally have to narrow the width for it to not show, the finer the fabric, the narrower the stitch, but there is always little tiny dots unfortunately.

  2. I really like the colour of the fabric, makes it a great basic and the fit is spot on. It looks really nice with a top tucked in - don't give up on it! I was tempted by this pattern but the buttons terrified me. Next on my list is the Kelly skirt though which is a similar style and also comes with buttons - eep!

  3. I can never get over exactly how many buttons are on this skirt - yikes! So it's been a slow-grower on you? It does look pretty comfy :) Love the random thread that snuck it's way onto your back! hehe

  4. I really like this skirt, it looks really flattering on you especially with the top tucked in.

  5. Don't worry, you're not alone. My Beignet was a dud. I think Collette patterns are overrated.

  6. I like the skirt! Although can certainly see how the gaping pockets would be a no-no. Not only can you see the lining, but it would make a not so nice shape. So, at least after sewing them up, I think the skirt looks really nice!

  7. I I had the exact same issue wi my beignet. I ended up giving it away. I should've just sewn the pockets up! I'd like to make it again and next time I'll be leaving the pockets out.

  8. That's a very nice skirt :)
    Though the buttons the whole way up the front looks kinda unusual to me (but then, what do I know about fashion? ;) )

    And yes, awesome necklace too!


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