Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Against all of your advice...

Huge thanks to everyone that commented on my last knitting post about what I was doing wrong. My knitting is going much smoother now, and after finishing my first easy project (which I will be able to share with you after Christmas) I have decided to jump in the deep end and have a go at socks. I know you all advised against it, but I'm going to give it a go, fully expecting it to be challenging. I am armed with two detailed books on knitting socks from the library (more on those later), a pattern from ravelry, and the internets.

I am using some yarn that I bought from Spotlight (that said it was for socks, so I figured I was safe buying it even with my lack of knowledge of yarn!), and some 2.5mm bamboo double pointed needles. Like a good little knitter I first knit my gauge swatch, which luckily turned out just right. The thin yarn and little needles were a bit weird to start with but I got used to them pretty quickly.

So then I started on the socks. So far I have knit about 2.5" of the leg of the first sock, so I'm still on the easy bit. I'm apprehensive of what I need to do to go around the heel, but I've read through the two books I've got and have picked one method that is heavily pictured to try.

Wish me luck and good progress!


  1. You are insane woman! Look how good you are already! - Kel

  2. Yay, well done!! :) Lovely yarn too.
    Ashley x

  3. Ohh good luck, I love the yarn you chose. I went through the "I think I should learn to knit" phase recently too and did a whole pile of swatches to learn a few different stitches, teaching myself from books. But I don't think I have the patience. I did enjoy how you can create so many different textures just by altering your stitches...I think I'll try again one day...

  4. Looking good! Socks are no harder than anything else with shaping. Follow the directions carefully and you will be fine. It doesn't like like you are afraid to try…so you're already halfway there.


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