Friday, December 16, 2011

Knitting! (and purling)

I decided this week to finally give knitting a go. For ages now my friend Claire has been making me envious with all of her lovely knitted goodies, and then when Tasia started talking about knitting on her blog it tipped me over the edge. So, since I am now in Perth at my parent's house and have access to some yarn and knitting needles I had a go. I used the videos from Wool and the Gang to learn the basics, and just started knitting.

First I did some knitting, then I did some purling, then I learnt to alternate to do a stocking stitch. Then I decided to be adventurous and try some ribbing! After some false starts where my stitch number changed dramatically (from 10 to 14 in only a couple of rows!) I got the hang of it - muttering to myself "knit, over, purl, back" along the rows and then counting "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, hurrah!" at the end of each row.

Now the dilemma comes of how best to progress... I'm not much one for scarves. I'd really like to make some socks, but I don't know if I should just dive in quite yet! Does anyone have any advice?

PS: I also signed up to ravelry, do you have an account? What is it? I can be found here.


  1. Welcome to knitting! It's the best. And you look like you're off to a fantastic start! Well done! I think socks might be a little too challenging for a first project, but those fingerless mitts that your friend made would be a great project! You knit them in the round, so you would be doing mainly the knit stitch. You'd have to do a few increases for the thumb gusset, which are easy to learn. Search Ravelry, and you'll find scads of great, easy, free patterns!

    I'm misformonkey on rav.

    Yay for another knitter!

  2. hurray for knitting, your first attempts are great! perhaps a little shrug or shawl to wear with some of your pretty tops. there are lots to choose from on Ravelry, I like the look of the Little House shawl. I'm driftwooddaisies on rav and added you to my friends. happy knitting

  3. I think your first attempts look great. I'm a firm beliver of trying whatever your most drawn to, but socks may frustrate you a bit for your first bigger project. I like the idea of the fingerless gloves or a shrug. I'm on Ravelry myself, a complete addict! I'm "ibelle" on there.

  4. Yay for knitting! :) My first project (after many many scarves!) was a pair of socks. I learnt a lot and I would never have managed it without this lady's videos:
    Now that I'm a little more experienced, I still can't quite believe I managed it! If you're determined though, give it a go. There are lots of other videos on youtube if those videos don't work for you :)
    Happy knitting!
    Ashley x


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