Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My own 5 favourites

Ever since Tasia posted about her five favourite items from her closet I've been thinking about what mine would be. Have you tried? It's a hard one! I think it also changes from season to season, but I thought I'd have a go at assembling a list of my current 5 faves....

...and then I failed miserably. My first attempt at a list included my original crescent skirt, a flowery dress I got from esprit... and then I ran out of specific items. However I did manage to narrow down to 5 distinct "classes" of items of clothes that I could not live without (and mix and match together) that seem to fit perfectly in my lifestyle right now:

1) Skirts with prints
The vast majority of the skirts I own I have made myself, and most of them are made out of fun printed fabric. My crescent skirt is a prime example of this, and it gets thoroughly worn! But my gored summer skirts are also true to this.

2) A-line empire cut dresses
My favourite day-time dress is this dress that I bought from Esprit quite a while ago now (pictured on the right here). I absolutely love it. It's not the kind of print that I would have the guts to make a dress out of normally worrying that it would be a disaster - I have been keeping an eye out for a print that I think might make a dress in the same vein. But in the meantime, frequently when I wear the dress I get complimented on it, and often asked if I made it myself - to which i respond "I wish!". I have another dress with a very similar cut, also from Esprit, but also the two New Look 6726 dresses that I've made are similar too. The a-line skirt is comfortable to wear, easy to cycle in and a good length, meaning that the dresses work in a heap of different situations.

3) Thin jumpers
I have at least 11 thin jumpers that I use to layer things. I tend to wear them more than cardigans, I think partly because I don't find cardigans as comfortable. If you leave them open they tend to get in the way, if you do them up, you may as well be wearing a jumper!! I have them in a range of different colours, some have v-necks, some round and some higher, and they all get frequently worn. I'm always cold (damn air-conditioning everywhere!), so if my clothes can't be layered then they don't get worn!

4) T-shirts / Tanks in a range of colours
To tie all of the above items together, of course I need t-shirts (and tank tops / singlets for summer) - and these I have in abundance, again in a range of colours. I'm not adventurous enough to mix prints, so I need nice basic/solid shirts to wear with my printed skirts and dresses. I know everyone has t-shirts etc in their wardrobe, but they really are an essential and deserve to be recognised as such. And as I've discovered this year, t-shirts are pretty quick to stitch up and it's great to be able to make the style you want in the colour you want rather than having to rely on finding them in stores. Also, the cheap t-shirts I was buying I found tend to stretch out and become unwearable pretty quickly, and the more expensive ones, which last longer, cost quite a bit more money than making my own!

5) My Wedgewood necklace
This necklace is hands-down my favourite necklace. It is probably worn more than all my other necklaces put together. I absolutely love it and it goes with nearly everything! The necklace itself was a gift from my Gran - when I saw it in her collection and said I liked it she very generously gifted it to me. I have certainly made the most of that gift. Last time I went back to England it was the only necklace I took with me and served me well for my 5 week trip! The only single item in my list of 5, but has definitely earnt its place.

And so there you have it, my 5 items/classes that I just couldn't live without. Have you thought about it? Or about the original question of your five favourite items?

I'm glad I took the time to think about this list, as it's really got me thinking about the things I should be sewing - I feel really great when I wear and love something that I've made, so I want to make more things than I love. I know not everything is always going to be a success, but I'd like to help myself be more successful, and I think thinking about what I actually enjoy wearing will really help me with that.


  1. OK, I'm going to take up the challenge and post my five favourites. I'll see how I go, although I suspect I may need to go more with groups of things rather than individual items. I'll post tomorrow. Hopefully daughter won't be working and won't be taking my camera away with her.

  2. I agree with you that thin jumpers are mega useful items. Love your wedgewood necklace - no not love - smitten. My favourites: summer cotton kaftan tops; long cardigan coats, pencil skirts, striped t-shirts, white jeans in summer/black in winter.


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