Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Jumping the queue; a new t-shirt

After my very inspiring Saturday, I spent Sunday cutting into some of my pieces of jersey. By the end of the day I had pieces cut out for three t-shirts, including one from the fabric that I bought on Saturday.

Last night, in between baking a special treat,  I spent some time stitching up one of them - and of course the one I chose to do first was the new fabric!

It took most of the evening (in between other things), because I took my time and carefully matched the stripes down the side seams (in all honesty, with varying success). Can you see the side seam in the picture below? Hopefully only just!

The fabric wasn't quite wide enough to make the sleeves full length, so I decided to try making them hit just above the elbow, which i'm really happy with. That little bit of extra warmth but without the annoyance I get around the elbow with 3/4 length sleeves.

I don't remember what makes up this fabric and can't find it on the Tessuti site, but it's really comfy to wear and seems pretty warm, so success!

This shirt is made using a slightly modified version of the pattern I've previously traced off a t-shirt. I've made some others between the ones I've blogged and this one, so I really need to get around to taking some photos so I can catalogue the changes I've done to improve the pattern (and the mistakes I've made!)



  1. The t-shirt looks lovely- stripes are perfect for that V-neckband. And you've done a great job of matching the stripes!

  2. You have perfected 'strip-matching' - well done! Love the wide band detail on the neckline...

  3. Rachel, you are so clever. Love how you did the neckline. Can't wait to see what the other two T-shirts look like! Caroline

  4. Very nice work on that t-shirt!!

  5. It's so pretty! Did you still want me to bring the renfrew Friday?

  6. Great t-shirt. I'm curious about how you cut the binding, and if it is cut across the grain, how it is stabilised.

    1. The binding is cut with the stretch going along the length, as it's then stretched into the neckline so it sits flat. It's not stabilised with anything, but is folded in half. I have pattern pieces for the binding on this style of t-shirt, to give both the V at the front and also at the shoulder seams there's some shaping too. If there's any interest I can scan the pieces and the shape of the neckline if anyone is interested in adapting a t-shirt pattern to having the neckline (and/or seeing how it goes together)

  7. So cute! I wish I could find some good t-shirt knits to make some myself!

  8. That's an awesome T-shirt. I love what you did with the collar panel. The whole things looks incredibly professional xx


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