Monday, August 27, 2012


Look what I picked up from the DHL depot in my lunch break today!!!

That's right, Gertie's new book!! After hearing last week that it was shipping early from Amazon I jumped online and ordered myself a copy! I paid for the middle priced shipping option (the $15 one, rather than the $5 one), which brought the total cost up to $10 more than if I bought it from the book depository, but I decided that that $10 was a small price to pay to get the book sooner! (since the book depository still isn't even shipping yet).

I ordered it on Tuesday, and they tried delivering it to me in Melbourne on Friday - how's that for speedy delivery! Sadly I wasn't home, so I had to arrange to pick it up, and had the agonising wait over the weekend. I was practically bouncing around in my chair at work this morning, so I traded my lunchbreak  for an earlier one and on the dot of noon dashed off on my bike to North Melbourne to pick it up.

I haven't managed to do much more than flick through the book yet, but all I had to to was open the cover to fall in love. The dress pictured above is pictured on the first page of the book and it was love at first sight! After some frantic flicking through the book I discovered that this is one of the 10 patterns included in the book (phew!).

Yes, that is Liberty that Gertie has made the dress from. And did you want to know something fortunate? I have a nice big piece of the same liberty in the blue colourway just waiting to be made into something lovely, maybe this pattern will be it...

I'll be back in a few days when I've actually had a chance to read the book with a more thorough opinion, but I already suspect that my "to sew" list is about to explode!


  1. That book looks awesome. I'm waiting for my birthday..,

  2. Oh so jealous you have it already! What are you going to sew up first? LOVE the Liberty dress! Thanks for sharing, Sam xox

  3. Oh, I'm totally projecting jealous thoughts at you right now. I pre-ordered mine months ago and apparently it won't be arriving until mid-september! Hopefully that's one of those 'under promise over deliver' business strategies, and really I'll be receiving in this week. I can only hope. Drool! I'm hanging out to see what patterns pop up in there!!!!

  4. Good luck with your dress! The colour and print you have chosen are so lovely :)

  5. Can't wait to see the dress made in blue Liberty. It will look gorgerous on you!! Caroline

  6. Oooh, what do you think you'll tackle first? I want to make the pencil skirt...

  7. I can't believe you got yours already. I pre-ordered mine months ago and I still don't have it yet. Hoping to find it in today's mail.


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