Monday, August 6, 2012

Laura's Quilt - 4 - Binding and Finished

This is the 4th and last post about the quilt I made for my friend Laura as a wedding present. I've already talked about the inspiration and fabric, design and layout, and piecing and quilting, so the only step left is the binding!

For binding I decided to use scraps of all the fabrics in the quilt top (I'd actually been planning it from the beginning and cut the 2.5" strips at the same time as all the squares).

I really love how the scrappy binding looks on the quilt, particularly as the quilt top has a scrappy look itself.

Once the binding was done (and a label sewn on the back, which I've chosen not to blog about) the quilt was ready to pack to take with me to England!

So here's the finished thing, first a pic taken in my room that shows off the fabrics really well....

And some taken in it's new home:

As I've already said, I'm incredibly happy with how the quilt has turned out. It was really important to me to make a quilt I was happy with and I think I've succeeded in that with this one. Hopefully Laura and Simon are as happy with it as I am. And more importantly, I wish them all my love and hope that they are as happy in their marriage as I am with this quilt :)


  1. Your quilt is simply stunning! I love the patchy binding and I really love the little bunting triangles on the inside, so beautiful!

  2. You've done such a beautiful job Rachel, I am sure they will be delighted to be gifted such a precious object. Sam xox

  3. That's just lovely - and such a perfect present


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