Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What's next?

Since getting back from my holiday I feel like I've kind of lost my sew-jo. I'm drifting a bit and don't really have any focus or drive. I think most of the problem is that for so long before I went away I had other things I was supposed to be working on, my mental list of things I want to be working on got pushed by the wayside.

In an attempt to kickstart my drive to sew fun things again I decided to have another look through and tidy of my fabric stash, which has still been growing despite how little I've been digging into it. I've taken out all the pieces of fabric of a decent size, taken photos and tagged the photos in picasa with a descriptor of what kind of fabric it is and how much of it I have.

The problem is, I don't 100% know what I want to do with all of it, so I thought I'd post the pics here and ask if anybody has any suggestions or comments...

These three shirtings have been around for a while, infact I blogged about making them into shirts over a year ago, wow! They are still destined to become smart button down shirts, I just need to commit to doing it and choose a style/pattern.
The one on the left is a really luxurious feeling one, I have 2m of it.
The one in the middle has some stretch in it, so the shirt can be more fitted, I have about 3m.
I have about 1.5m of the one on the right and I think it will become another JJ though (sans ruffles, possibly with a collar?).

Drapey Blouse Material
The left material is a gorgeous silk that I bought from Tessuti with the plan of making a Sencha blouse, but then I fell out of love with the pattern.
The middle one is some kind of man-made material that I inherited with beautiful drape, however it's quite a small piece so I'm mostly limited by what I can fit.
The last is a chiffon, which I can imagine as another Pendrell, however I have 2.5m of it so that seems a bit of a waste. But then it's more of a waste sitting unused!

Printed Cottons (or similar)
This left one is another inherited fabric, and I LOVE it but have no idea what to do with it (I have about 2m).
The one in the middle is a lawn that was originally bought to become a jasmine but after making a 'wearable muslin' I discovered that I need to work on the pattern a bit if I want to make a wearable one of those. I have 3m of it.
The gingham is larger than the one I used for the Jasmine muslin, maybe 1cm or so? I have 2.5m of it, so it could become a dress... but which one?

The two on the left are what's remaining of the masses of spotty sateen I bought at Spotight. All the small bits were put together into a quilt top and one of the larger ones a crescent skirt. These two are bigger pieces (4m and 3m) and are destined to become dresses I think. At least one of them will be another version of this self drafted dress (potentially with modification to the neckline, who knows!). I'm not sure about the other one.
The fabric on the right is a voile I bought aaaages ago with the intention of making Butterick 5350 but that never eventuated. I'm not 100% sure I love the pattern anymore (or all the inevitable alterations required to make it fit me).

At least these last three I know what I want to do with them! The fabric on the left I bought at the Rag Market while I was in Birmingham and is going to become a full skirted Cambie.
The one in the middle is hopefully going to become a Rooibos. I'm a little concerned because the poplin doesn't have any drape whatsoever (even after pre-washing). I was planning on lining it, but I am now thinking of maybe underlining it instead....
The one on the right is the last of the stretch sateen I used to make my first Cambie dress and is definitely going to become a pencil skirt!

At some point this will become some PJ bottoms.


All of these pieces are jersey. The colours haven't come out completely accurately; the top left is a lovely bluey-grey mottled fabric, and the top middle is a beautiful cream. These are all destined to become t-shirts of some kind. The bottom middle most likely long sleeved, the others probably short sleeved. I might try some new variations so I don't end up with too many t-shirts all the same except the colour!

This last one, which is much more of a teal colour than the picture is showing, is hopefully going to become a jersey dress of some description. Very experimental since I don't currently have a pattern for a jersey dress, but I am planning on following the tips and techniques in sew u home stretch.

Ok, now I've gone through it systematically I at least have more of an idea of what I want to make... now to pick where to start!!!

As I mentioned at the beginning of what has become quite a long post (well done if you're still with me!), any suggestions and/or comments gratefully received!

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  1. you have plans so your 1 step ahead of me! go for something reasonably simple and quick. it will get your mojo jumping. good luck x


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