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Hollyburn Sew-Along - Inspiration (Part 2)

Sewaholic Hollyburn Skirt Sewalong

Are you ready for some more Hollyburn inspiration? After talking about some different fabric choices in the last post, in today's Hollyburn Sew-Along post I thought I would talk about design features. The Hollyburn already has two design feature options for adding variation and interest to the skirt - belt loops and button tabs on the waitband. However should you wish, there are many many other options you could try doing to make your skirt your own.

(For all the below images, please click on the pic to take you to pinterest for the source)

Keeping with the idea of adding design features to the waistband to highlight your waist, how about adding the belt loops from view A and a bow belt that matches or contrasts your skirt?


Another way to highlight the waistband would be to add piping to the top and/or bottom of the waistband.


You might have noticed that the three above skirts with piping are the Colette Ginger skirt. How about borrowing one of the design features of that skirt and try a different shaped waistband?

Moving on, I quite like the rivets on the waistband of the below left skirt. Or how about adding some trim along the waistband, such as some coordinating ribbon. I've seen a faux-pocket-flap like on the below right skirt on a few skirts in stores and have always liked it, how about adding one to your Hollyburn skirt?

The next design feature that you could play around with is the pockets. The Hollyburn skirt has curved slash-front pockets. You could modify the shape of the pockets, add an interesting shape (below) or make it a straight edge.

What about taking out the pockets that are in the pattern and instead adding patch pockets instead? There are all sorts of shapes you could try.


Or if you're feeling adventurous, welt pockets could be cute...

Moving down the skirt, another area that design features could be added is the hem. Now, I'm sure I've read somewhere that it's not always advisable to add horizontal lines, particularly at the hem of a skirt, as they can stop the eye and remove height, and also emphasise width. However, I think it depends on how it's employed; the rules are there to be broken aren't they?

What about a contrast band around the bottom of the skirt? Maybe with a matching waistband?


Or how about adding some trim near the hem, in the right colour combination that could give your skirt a nautical feel.


Or how about channeling the 70s and adding a ruffle to or on the hem?


And how about adding a fagoted line around the hem?

And look at this skirt, I'm not sure if the red around the hem is achieved by the print of the fabric or it's two fabrics stitched together, but either way I love it:

Is colourblocking still "in"? Because in a similar vein you could colour block this skirt. And check out the below middle skirt - that's taking colour blocking to the extreme and could very easily be achieved with this pattern.


One last design feature is the option of adding applique or embroidery to your skirt. Here are some lovely examples I've found around the web:


So what do you think? Have any of these design features caught your eye? Are you thinking of using any of these ideas for your skirt? Or have you come up with something even more fabulous?

If you've seen anything in these inspiration posts that you're considering doing and would like any guidance or suggestions on how, please let me know in the comments, as then I can add in some extra information on any of the ideas into my post schedule.

In my next post I'll be talking about choosing a view of the skirt, so stay tuned!

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  1. I am just loving the patch pockets. Now just waiting impatiently for my patterns to arrive!!

    1. Hopefully it won't be too much longer. I've still got a couple more posts before we start doing things with the pattern pieces, so far all the information we need is on the back of the envelope which is available on the sewaholic patterns site

  2. Wow, I love the applique/embroidery stuff, as well as the stripes at the bottom. So much to play with... I guess if you had a light-ish cotton, you could also play with some lace as a bottom band - would you add that after you've hemmed the skirt? Thea

    1. Oh, and I'm so overwhelmed by it all that I completely forgot to say, I love the piping too but have no idea how to do that, so I'd really appreciate learning about that!

    2. Yeah, I think i'd probably add it as part of the hemming process - either inside or outside of the skirt depending on the lace. What a great idea.

      I have added the piping to my list of things to make sure I cover :) thanks for letting me know you're interested.


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