Sunday, January 22, 2012

Getting the stash under control

Along with organising my patterns, I also wanted to organise my fabric stash for the new year, particularly given that the stuff I'd bought or gotten out recently had ended up just being stacked on top of my dresser:

Here is my current stash of non "scrap" dress making fabric:

Most of it I know what I want to do with it. The jersey down the left needs to become t-shirts. Then along the back row left to right I have a pleated skirt and it's lining, a rooibos, a jasmine, a beignet, the next three some kind of blouses, and the last three shirts. The front row the left spots will become dresses, the next three a dress and it's lining and contrast, but the last ones I have mostly inherited and I don't know what to do with yet, so any suggestions gratefully taken.

Anyway, I am determined to make a dent in it before buying any more (linings etc to finish stuff with this fabric is excepted!). How's your stash looking?


  1. Love the spots, and the black/blue/white floral in the front - looks like you have a mini shop load with that lot...

  2. How funny, I actually went through my stash this weekend too! It started because I pulled out a selection for my next project and then spotted something I forgot I'd then I pulled it all out of the shelves and refolded and oohed and ahhed over all my forgotten favourites, which then led me to select new patterns to add to the queue, ahh it's never ending isn't it? ;) (Not complaining mind you)
    You have some really pretty pieces there, can't wait to see them made up.

  3. seeing this has just reminded me to sort mine out, I keep mine in a box so I completely forget what I have. It's always nice to go through it and familiarise yourself with what you've got.
    I quite like your fabric with the blue floral design so can't wait to see what you make with it.


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