Monday, January 9, 2012

Re-organised Patterns

I'm trying to give my space a little bit of a sort out before I start sewing again for the new year, and I decided to start with my patterns.  As you can see below they'd gotten in a bit of an unmanagable mess.

I went to Officeworks and bought a pack of B5 envelopes (a bit bigger than A5 sized). I also remembered just as I started that my printer can print on envelopes!

So I sorted out all the patterns that were in plastic wallets and printed out nicely uniformed labelled envelopes. As well as any notes I had, for printed out or traced commercial patterns I included the line drawings of the patterns, and for self-drafted or highly modified patterns I included photos.

Now my pattern stash is much more organised and easier to look through for either specific patterns or just for inspiration.

How do you organise your patterns?


  1. Way to go!!! How organised you much easier to hunt through now, I am sure. For me, sadly, mine enjoy being shoved together real tightly in plastic crates. But I should do something about it...soon...

  2. Such an awesome idea, thanks for sharing it!!! Sam xox

  3. This is a great idea!


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