Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ruby Shorts

started these shorts a loooong time ago, and finished the bulk of them not long after but then struggled to find some buttons that were within my budget (10 buttons on a pair of shorts starts to add up!!), but finally found some red ones in a shop on Sydney Road in Brunswick, and finished them off by adding the buttons shortly before Christmas.

The shorts are the "ruby" pattern from Burdastyle (which I had downloaded back when it was still free). As with all burdastyle patterns the instructions were a bit difficult to follow and I mostly ended up winging it (the advantages of having made a muslin).

I made a few alterations from my muslin - I cut the pattern according to my measurements and they came out MASSIVE! However on closer inspection I decided that it was actually just the back pattern piece that was too big, the front was ok, so I took about a 2 cm vertical fold out of the back pieces. I also changed the shape of the front crotch curve, and also took some fabric out of the front just below the waistband. They have turned out a bit big though (possibly partly due to the fabric choice), so next time I will take them in a bit more, and probably also narrow the leg slightly, as they're a little wider than I would normally prefer.

The fabric is a linen cotton blend that I got from the fabric store way back when I was buying the fabric for my Minoru. Because of that it creases quite badly (this much creasing is just from a trip to spotlight this morning before I took the photos). However they weren't supposed to be fancy shorts, but lounge around shorts so I don't mind too much.


  1. These are really awesome Rachel! The are so flattering on and I love your fabric & button choices!

  2. I LOVE these Rach! The style, the fabric choice and especially the red buttons!!!
    Personally, I think the slightly wider legs look great and are very flattering.
    See you saturday - I'm going the ATTEMPT to do some sewing tomorrow :)

  3. I really love these! I really think I should get back into wearing shorts, may have to check this pattern out.

  4. Great shorts - love the red buttons and contrasting lining! They look really comfortable.


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