Saturday, April 30, 2011

Crescent Skirt - cutting time!

I have some exciting news relating to my crescent skirt (exciting to me anyway); my friend Laura is making one too, so we will be sewing the skirt up together! She's bought some beautiful fabric for her skirt, isn't it fun:

Laura's fabric - a lightweight cotton sateen (I think), from Lincraft

We got together for a few hours over the easter weekend to make up muslins. We only muslined the waistband to check the fit, and measured the skirt pieces to check the length. The fit was pretty good - I am pretty happy with the "out of the envelope" fit and didn't make any changes. We made a couple of alterations to Laura's waistband, and then reminded by Tasia in her sew along post went back and also made the same changes to the waistband facing.

My waistband pieces

Then the other night we got together for dinner and cut out our fabric pieces. I realised after cutting out my waistband pieces that I would have preferred to "block fuse" the interfacing to the fabric rather than cut the pieces out separately, so that's what I suggested Laura did instead.

Me cutting out the interfacing separately to the fabric

Because her cutting layout was a bit tight we couldn't do a proper block fuse, so instead I got her to cut out pieces of fabric about an inch bigger than the pattern pieces, and then cut the interfacing about the same size. After pressing the interfacing onto the fabric to fuse the layers she cut out the final pattern piece - which means she knows that the fused fabric+interfacing is exactly the shape of the pattern piece and hasn't become distorted when the two layers were joined.

Laura cutting out her pattern pieces after fusing the fabric to the interfacing

So now our fabric is cut out and ready to go for when the sewing steps of the sewalong are posted.

Lastly before I forget, I also bought some lining for my skirt, isn't it fun:

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  1. I can't wait to see the finished skirt, you are so talented! :)

    The Cat Hag


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