Saturday, January 17, 2015

Jacket Pattern Decisions

An enormous thank you to everyone that suggested jacket patterns after I asked for suggestions the other day. In case anybody else was interested I thought that I would share the options that I've collated, and infact, writing out this post has helped me make my decisions.

The Blazer

Three main patterns came out as suggestions for the blazer; McCalls 6172, Simplicity 2446 and Vogue 8333.


M6172 was suggested by Gail, who has made an inspiring version of this pattern recently. This pattern certainly ticks all the basic boxes, but I think I'd prefer something a little more curvy

V8333, is a Claire Shaeffer Custom Couture Collection pattern, and apparently has instructions for both RTW and couture construction techniques. I really like the sound of the instructions of this pattern, I think I want welt pockets as opposed to the in seam pockets in this jacket, and also think I prefer 2 buttons over 3.


And the pattern I think I'm going to use is the S2446. It is one of the amazing fit patterns that has different pieces for different cup sizes, which I have heard good things about and will hopefully make it easier to fit. It has two buttons and lovely angled welt pockets. Unless I discover another pattern, I think S2446 is my girl. (So if anybody hears about an Australian sale on simplicity patterns please let me know)

The Biker Style

For the second jacket, with regards to recommendations one pattern was mentioned over and over and over; the Style Arc Ziggi. However, the price tag of the Ziggi has made me do a bit of searching to see if there were any other options around, which found me the Kwiksew 3764 and the Burdastyle Larissa.

The KwikSew 3764 has the colar and zip style that I'm after, but I'm not sure if it's the styling on the envelope or how the pattern really is, but it looks really boxy. I think a jacket as boxy as that would be pretty unflattering on me.


Similarly, the Burdastyle Larissa is also fairly boxy, and also pretty cropped, I am planning to make an upper hip length jacket so it can be worn with jeans etc as well as waisted garments.

And so that brings me back to the Style Arc Ziggi. There was obviously a reason that most people suggested it. The princess seams in the pattern will add shape (or provide the opportunity to at least), and it looks like it's already upper hip length. I've been informed that the instructions leave quite a bit to be desired, but there is a sew along out there for the jacket which should help with the construction. I guess I'll be digging deep into my pockets and going with this pattern.


  1. I'm making Ziggi. I've barely looked at the instructions to be honest. The sewalong is helpful in the tricky bits and the rest is fairly obvious. Watch out for the pocket zips. Maris is right, the pocket facing & bag isn't really long enough for the 6 inch zips.

    1. Thanks for the tip about the pockets!

    2. The Ziggi is available as PDF on their etsy store at a cheaper price. They have 20% off for this month - the coupon code is HNYPDF.

      Hope that helps!

    3. ooh fantastic tip. thanks for the coupon code!

  2. Exciting, I'm looking forward to following along with both jackets! Just so you know, Simplicity 2446 doesn't actually have welt pockets - the flap is just decorative. The instructions call for in-seam pockets along the front princess seams, but you could easily substitute welt pockets instead.

    1. Oh! Thanks for the heads up! I guess I will have to investigate substituting the pockets.

  3. Oooh, neat! It's fun to see you work through your decision like this. Interestingly, I just bought fabric for 2 versions of Simplicity 2446! I hadn't seen the Vogue one before - I also like the sound of those instructions and will be checking that one out.

    And thanks for the link-up!

  4. Love them! I adore the V8333, and of course, I have different CS patterns, so I'll simply have to add it to my collection ;) - I do love her instructions.
    I like the Tamanegi-kobo peony, but it's more of a cardigan (I have a ponte waiting to become it), so the Ziggi does seem to be the 'go-to' biker jacket - I'll watch along with great interest ;)

  5. Thanks for rounding these up - I'll definitely be coming back to this when I get around to making a jacket! I need a plain-coloured one desperately (mine are all patterned to some degree). Looking forward to watching your progress on these :-)

  6. I thought about making a blazer last year but finally I didn't make my mind so I'll be seeing what you finally make.

    I made the Ziggi last year and it's been one of my most worn garments of 2014. You'll be fine with the sewalong and you'll have an amazing jaket. Looking forward to seeing what you make.

  7. I'm planning to make the Claire Shaeffer jacket this winter in some cyclamen coloured wool.


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