Friday, January 23, 2015

Maxi Dress

Last January I made my first maxi-dress by extending my t-shirt pattern into a dress. That dress has had a reasonable amount of wear through the hot weather so I'd been keeping an eye out for some suitable fabric to make another one.

I found this rayon jersey in Spotlight recently and knew I'd found my fabric. The last version I was always tugging up the bodice as the arm holes were too low, so I added about 1.5" to the bottom of the armholes this time around to solve this problem.

I spent quite some time cutting out the pieces, and think I've done quite a good job of matching the stripes down the side seams:

I added some 1" strips of red jersey to finish the neckline and armholes; pressing them in half, stitching down the inside first with a zigzag and then folding it over and zigzagging along the edge of the outside.

I'm still not completely convinced about how flattering this dress is, but it's comfyness redeems most misgivings.

Pattern: Self drafted maxi dress (inspired by Mission Maxi)
Fabric: Rayon Jersey from Spotlight, some scraps of red jersey
Notions: Just thread!

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Also, as the selvege of the fabric professed to be a leopard print (I know, it confused me too), I guess this could be a sneaky entry for Jungle January.


  1. Love the dress. You wear it well--looks lovely.

  2. The weather here is changing from cold to colder, so looking at your beautiful dress makes me think of a better future!!! Love it!

  3. What we really need for summer are comfy dresses, and this one fits the bill. Love it!

  4. The fabric is really pretty and I love a tee dress for comfort.

  5. I think it's super flattering!

  6. Love it! It's making me regret my northern hemisphere winter, that's for sure!

  7. I also think it is very flattering and those colors are lively on you

  8. Great summer dress and the others are is very flattering.

  9. Don't worry: it's super flattering! Love the colours, too!

  10. The shape comes off as crazy flattering in these photos, and I can just imagine it feels like wearing a slinky hug!


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