Monday, January 5, 2015

Two new PJ bottoms

Carrying on with catching up on un-blogged projects, today I am sharing two pairs of pyjama bottoms that were added to my sleeping wardrobe during 2014. Both pairs were made from fabric that the Darren brought me back from Japan.

The first pair was made using the pattern that I've used a few times before (that originated from cutting apart a dead pair of PJs and tracing off the pattern back in 2006 and has been modified many times since then). This time I added a little bit of extra width through the hips and larger patch syle pockets (rather than the slash pockets that I have written a tutorial for here).

They were also the first item that I made with my overlocker, and I was a little over keen with the use of the overlocker when I probably should have used my sewing machine. Some of the seams around the waistband are now coming apart a little. That's not stopped me from wearing them though, although I should get around to fixing them so they last longer.

For this second pair, I used the pattern that I'd used for the dinosaur camo pants, as I have since decided that they're more comfortable than the PJ pattern that I'd previously been using. I used the same super-sized pocket pieces as with the dinosaur camo pants (which are about the same size as an A4 piece of paper) but again did them as a patch style pocket. I have taken to doing them this way as there is no pocket bag to bunch up inside the PJ bottoms.

Pattern: Self-made
Fabric: Cotton (feels a bit like quilting cotton) from Japan
Notions: Thread, 1" ribbed elastic

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