Saturday, January 3, 2015

Top 5 of 2014 - Reflections and Goals

This is my last Top5 list, in case you didn't see them, I previously talked about my hits, misses and non-sewing highlights for 2014. The last two lists that Gillian suggested were reflections and goals. I have decided to combine these, as when I started thinking of my reflections, they generally were things I wanted to improve on, and therefore went hand in hand with the goals.

Top 5 Reflections and/or Goals

  • Keep working on improving fit - I'm getting there but there's still room for improvement and learning. In particular I want to learn about fitting less fitted garments.
  • Don't get stuck in a pattern rut - Recently I have been following the easier path of making garments by altering my bodice block. While this is awesome, and generally gives me a good result, it also means that I've been making things with similar shapes and silhouettes rather than branching out.
  • It's ok to do other stuff - I did less sewing in 2014 than other years, often because I was busy doing other things. I need to remind myself that this is ok, I should do what I enjoy and not feel guilty for either sewing too little or too much.
  • It's ok to fail - Most of the projects I've done in the last year were things where I knew what I was doing and I was unlikely to fail. However, the project I was most proud of, my Frocktails dress, was a massive risk. It was a style risk, and a techniques risk, and heaps of work went into it. I need to do more projects like this. If I fail, that's ok, as I will likely have learnt something anyway. One thing I would like to do under this theme is to make a jacket. I bought fabric for two potential jackets in Vancouver, I would like to make at least one of them this year.
  • Blog more - Blog posts last year were few and far between, partly because I did less sewing and partly because the posts were primarily finished garment posts. I would like to get back to talking about plans and in-progress projects more often rather than just focusing on the finished garments.

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