Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sewciedone Dress

This is the last piece of this gorgeous spotted cotton sateen that I bought back in April of 2011. I feel I have done it justice.

The rest of the 11m stack that I bought with this fabric became a Crescent SkirtPortrait Dress and a brightly coloured quilt. Adding in this dress, each of the four are very different. It's interesting to see what varied potential just one type of fabric can have.


This dress is a mash up of the bodice from the sewcietea dress (without the contrast band), and the skirt from the Dear and Doe Belladone. This version of the belladone skirt incorporates the alteration I mentioned intending to do at the end of my post about my Roisin Dress, which I am calling a "Full Bum Adjustment", and I intend to talk about properly another time.

To add some interest to the dress, I decided to add piping. I also think that the miss-match of the spots with the waistband would have looked strange without anything defining the seam. I initially thought of flat piping, but decided to woman up and go for the real thing. This is the first time I've done "proper" piping, and as straight forward as the process was, I wouldn't want to do it on anything where I'm not sure of the fit.

As I wasn't sure about how to handle the piping and an invisible zip, I elected to hand-pick a dress zip into the centre back seam of the dress.

The dress is lined throughout with (I think) some white voile (I get the light weight cotton fabrics a bit confused), and has some interfacing (probably slightly heavier than ideal) in the waistband.

I couldn't be more happy with the construction, fit and overall look of this dress.

Pattern: Self-drafted 'sewcietea' bodice, Belladone by Dear and Doe skirt
Fabric: Cotton Sateen from Spotlight
Notions: Thread, interfacing (for waistband), matching dress zip, white voile for lining and piping fabric, smallest piping cord I could find.


  1. Gorgeous dress. Great detailing.

  2. Love the mixture of fabric and piping

  3. It's gorgeous - the piping really makes it I think! Look forward to reading about your full bum adjustment - I am blessed in that area too!

  4. So pretty and I love the addition of the piping. I'm yet to attempt the scary piping myself.

  5. Looks beautiful - I love piping as a detail, I think it adds some beautiful definition to your waist!!

  6. Nicely done! Is there ever a time when adding piping is a bad thing--I think not, and it looks great here with the polka dots.

  7. Wonderful dress! The colour is beatuiful and as soon as there are dots, I'm in love. The piping looks great and adds a little extra to you dress.

  8. Ooh, this is gorgeous! The piping doesn't look like a first go - it looks so well done, and it accentuates the lines of the dress beautifully!


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