Thursday, January 1, 2015

Top 5 of 2014 - Misses

After sharing my top 5 hits yesterday, today I will share my top 5 misses. My misses aren't massive sewing fails, as while there have been a few of those they haven't made them onto the blog. Instead, they're items that have disappointed me in other ways...
  1. Wool Hollyburn Skirt - While there's nothing particularly wrong with this skirt, I don't find myself reaching for it over other options. For some reason it doesn't feel flattering, and I have no idea why. Perhaps it's just the fabric? I'm still ambivalent about the dress I made with this fabric too. And to top it off, the zip has recently broken in this skirt, so it's been sat in a pile of broken zippered items waiting for me to unpick the zip and replace it.
  2. Grey Pleated Dress - I'm still sad about the fabric that I used for this dress. Sad and disappointed. I love the dress. It's comfortable, it's warm... and it's unrealistically delicate. Snags appear in the fabric almost as easily as just looking at it. I'll likely still wear the dress (once the weather cools down again), but not as much as I would if the fabric wasn't so snagged and likely to become more so every time it's worn.
  3. Lysa Sweater - another slight disappointment, mostly due to the yarn. I have worn this sweater twice so far and it's started pilling and it's already looking more worn than knits that I've worn more times than I could count and have had for over a year. For this reason I'm cautious about knitting with the same yarn again, so returned the balls that I had in another colourway that were destined to be my next project in favour of a different type of yarn,
  4. Peacock Eyes Cardigan - got some fingering weight yarn and started a version of "peacock eyes" in February... and I got a decent way into it but I'm just not loving it. I don't know if it's the pattern, or the yarn, or the combinations, but the love isn't there. So it's been pushed into the corner for now. I'm thinking that because I'm not loving it I will likely unravel it and do something else with the yarn, as there's no point continuing with a knitting project I'm not loving.
  5. Black ponte shorts - I don't have a picture of these yet, and they've barely been worn. It was possibly a bad omen that the first zip broke as I was making them (I've not had much luck with zips this year). I don't know if it's the fabric choice, the fit or just that my lifestyle has changed. The lifestyle thought is a reasonable one, as I haven't been wearing my other winter shorts as much as I used to (my thurlows here and here).


  1. I hope it's comforting to realise that your misses are due to poor materials, and not your sewing skills, fitting ability, or choice to silhouette! I'm sad that your lovely pleated dress hasn't worked out well... I hope you make another one in more reliable fabric some time!

  2. I second the pleated dress comment. It looks amazing on you; too bad about the fabric.


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