Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Jacket plans - can you help?

I would like to make at least one jacket this year. I have two pieces of fabric I want to use, and a vague idea of what the jackets will look like, but not much more than that yet.

It might seem a little early to be thinking about jackets (particularly given that it got up to 37C in Melbourne today), but the fabric I have isn't that thick so I figure these would both make great autumn jackets and I want to be able to take my time.

One of the jackets I want to make is a normal blazer style and I have some dark green wool for it:

The second jacket I want to make I have some aubergine coloured wool for, and am envisioning a biker style jacket with an asymmetrical zip:

However, I don't have any patterns lined up for either of these jackets, so I thought I would put it out there; do you have any recommendations for patterns for either of these styles?


  1. I've got a jacket planned too! I ordered the Style Arc Cindy for some purple stretch cotton I've got, and I'm after a pattern for a slouchy silver/white blazer.
    Your first drawing made me think of the Vogue jacket patterns, but if you've even been interested in Marfy patterns I think they would DEFINITELY be worth a try.
    The second drawing made Ziggy by Style Arc come to mind. There's a bunch of these on the web; A Challenging Sew comes to mind. Otherwise google around - Burda/BWOF seem to have a few designs.

  2. I recently made McCall's 6172, which is very similar to the first drawing - a classic blazer with length options. I loved the pattern because it has all the fitting adjustment lines printed on it. I'm getting ready to try out Simplicity 2446, which is similar. It's from their Amazing Fit line, so I think it probably has the same lines.

    Burda has had a lot of blazer and zip jacket patterns in the last couple years, but not sure how sufficient the instructions would be.

    1. I've made Simplicity 2446 twice and would recommend it. I don't remember if it has fitting lines printed on the pattern, but I found fitting to be pretty straightforward due to the front and back princess seams. Like the McCall's pattern, it's a classic cut blazer. It comes with pockets built into the front princess seams, but you could substitute welt pockets as in your drawing. Good luck! :)

  3. Hello! There are lots of classic blazer patterns about. However for the biker one... Burda style has has quite a few biker & asymmetric jackets in the last year or so, there is one in the January issue, although it has snaps not a zip. Style Arc has Ziggi & a new one called Jett Biker Jacket which looks great - not asymmetric though. Kwik Sew has an asymmetric zip biker style jacket that I've seen made up a few times & looks good.

  4. Burda magazine have loads of classic and biker jackets - you can download
    Individual patterns from their website.

  5. Ohhh that aubergine wool! Maybe the Style Arc Ziggi?

  6. For the aubergine one, I second the suggestions for the Style Arc Ziggi and maybe a hybrid with the Style Arc Eddie Biker Vest? For the green wool, maybe a Claire Shaeffer vogue pattern? I love the V8333 or maybe Simplicity 2446 (I saw it on Craftsy -

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you decide on and what you make up! Are you going to using tailoring techniques on them?

  7. Hi, I plan to make a navy blazer this year and I had #126 from Burdastyle 8/2014 set aside for it if you have that issue, but Burda 6875 also looks pretty classic.

    The offer is still open if you want to try out my biker jacket pattern. I plan to go to social sewing in January (can this count as me giving you notice?) I can bring it with me for you to trace off.

  8. I made the Style Arc Ziggi Biker jacket last year and it's one of my most loved garments. The instructions are sparse but you can find lots of information online.


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