Saturday, August 30, 2014

Wool Hollyburn Skirt

The hollyburn skirts that I made previously for pattern testing and the sew-along have proved to be very versatile work skirts, so it was bound to happen that I'd make more at some point. For this version I used the last of the wool suiting that I used for my Mad-Meh dress. I had pretty much exactly the right amount left over.

This time around I made myself the 'middle' option (in both length and flare). My previous versions were the short and most flared-option. I ended up having to hack off quite a few inches, as it was a little too long on me, settling with this knee length, as any longer was a bit overwhelming on me.

Similarly to the dress in this fabric, I'm not completely loving the finished make. I still love the fabric, but the skirt itself doesn't quite feel right when I'm wearing it. Having said that, it's gotten plenty of wear since I made it.

I lined this version, and inserted the zipper as per the sewalong, and also added the button tabs to the waistband (which I do really like).

The t-shirt in these pictures is also a me-made and unblogged. It's my standard t-shirt block, and the first thing I made on my new overlocker, what feels like yonks ago when I got it but realistically is a few months ago, early May maybe? I love the jersey but hadn't plucked up the courage to sew with it as it curled terribly. I even tried the cornstarch trick but that didn't even help enough.

However, with quick and minimal handling between cutting and overlocking, and a fair few pins and an equal amount of patience, the t-shirt came together really well and was well worth the effort.

Friday, August 8, 2014

The Laura Skirt


This skirt is the love child of some fabric pinched from Mindy's stash before she went overseas (miss you Mindy!!) and stealing the idea that Laura had beautifully implemented on a skirt she made a while ago (hence the name of the skirt).

I took my standard pencil skirt pattern, and converted the darts into princess seams on the front and back of the skirt. Then, rather than having a vent or slit at the back, added a lovely little flounce between the back princess seams.

In these photos the skirt is shown worn with my silk portrait blouse.


(I really should have ironed the skirt before taking these photos)

I deliberately left in the centre back seam above the flounce. I considered removing it and moving the zip to the side, but decided I would rather have a centre back zip.

This skirt is SO comfortable. I have no idea what the fabric is, but it's got a slight bit of stretch in it, and just enough body and weight that it doesn't get pulled around by my tights when I walk.

A fairly simple staple, with a little bit of interest, which has been a fantastic addition to my working wardrobe. I hope to make a few more of this skirt.
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