Sunday, September 26, 2010

New York Fabric

When I posted about my fabric shopping trip in New York before, I promised that I would post what I bought once I got home - well now I'm home and I'm delivering on that promise. I only bought three pieces of fabric, and all from the same store - Metro Fabrics (Suite 908, 265 West 37th St).

The first piece is a printed cotton, which I will probably make into a flared gored skirt (the same pattern as this one)

The second is slightly stretchy, but I don't know exactly what the type of fabric is called. It's the same kind of fabric as this dress.

And the last I saw and just couldn't resist, the patches you can see are actually pieced together bits of fabric - ready made patchwork! I have no idea what I'm going to make out of it - most likely a "cheater quilt", but if inspiration strikes maybe something else

While I was there, the delightful Kashi was very patient with me just looking around, and very helpful suggesting things to look at that he thought I would like, so we snapped a quick pic before I left!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New York state of mind

I have discovered that fabric shopping in Melbourne and fabric shopping in New York require two completely different mindsets. (this is fabric shopping for garments that I'm talking about, i haven't done any quilt fabric shopping in New York)

Fabric shopping in Melbourne requires having a vague idea of what patterns are available, then going to the fabric store(s) and looking at what's there and deciding what to make once you see what fabric is available.

Fabric shopping in New York on the other hand is the exact opposite. You need to decide exactly what you want before you go and then when you get to the store you tell them exactly what you're looking for and chances are they'll have it. Or if the first store you try doesn't one of the six thousand other stores will!

The problem with my fabric shopping last week in New York was that I didn't think of this and started my day in a Melbourne fabric shopping state of mind, which I quickly discovered wasn't compatible with New York fabric stores!

Thankfully I got over that problem pretty quickly and bought some fabric and some other bits and pieces. Sadly as I'm posting this from my iPhone I can't upload pictures of what I got, but I will once I get home to Melbourne the end of next week.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hexy Progress

My trip is advancing at a scary speed, the main holiday part is over and I'm flying to the US today for a conference (and then three more days of holiday in New York). Since leaving my Gran's house last week I've been having a great time catching up with friends; one night in Bristol and then a week in Birmingham.

I haven't forgotten that I promised you updates from the festival of quilts, and you will get them once I have more reliable computer access and thus the means to post photos. However, something I have been plodding along with (aided by my new pouch for them) is my hexagons. A fair few done on train and coach journeys, and some more done quietly in front of the tv, I'm amassing quite a few hexagon flowers now. 25 down and a hundred or so to go, and then I need to get some pale green solid to add borders around the flowers. It's a good job that I'm still enjoying the process!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hexagon Holder Pouch

I've been working my paper pieced hexagons on my travels and decided that I needed something better to store it all in than the zip-lock bags that I've been using. So, while I was staying with my Gran I made a pouch to hold them all in.

I used some lovely japanese fabric and some matching silk for a bit of luxury. I added a closure of two buttons and some ribbon, a la Aneela's pouch

On the inside I have a few different sized smaller pockets to hold papers, fabric and basted hexes, two big pockets the size of the pouch to hold completed flowers or other bits, a pocket for my snippers, and some felt for storing pins and needles.

I've used it a couple of times so far and so far it's great! I just need to get some smaller rolls of thread, or try using thread on bobbins that I saw suggested somewhere (I can't remember where, sorry) so that I can store thread in there too.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Fabric - Thankyou Granny!

My gran is incredibly generous, and while I was staying with her she instructed me to choose some fabric that I like and that she would give it to me. And so, here is the fabric that I chose:

Some lovely navy blue japanese fabric (the third one along has a heap of different prints on the same piece of fabric):

Some gorgeous japanese prints, and some coordinating silks:

Also, not pictured, I have some lovely pink/purple/blue japanese charm squares.

These three pieces of Liberty fabric. These will become two dresses. The two blue ones are big enough pieces for dresses, so I will be thinking of what pattern to use for this. Any suggestions pattern more than welcome:

And some smaller pieces of these Liberty Fabrics which will be made into a quilt:

Lastly, this piece of fabric, which has more drape than quilting fabric and i'm not sure exactly what it is. It's going to become an elastic waisted skirt:

So thanks again for your generosity Granny! I look forward to sewing with it all!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Incase what I already showed you wasn't enough...

I'm sure you'll remember the Liberty fabric that I showed you the other day. Well we have a confession to make... we found some more!

Above is what more we found, below is all of it:

And all of it laid out:

And yeah, I know you're all turning green with envy, that's why I'm posting it ;) We all love a little bit of fabric pron don't we! Sadly the fabric's not mine so I'm green with the rest of you... well that's a lie, a little bit of it is now mine :) hehe! I also have had some inspiration about what to do with it, so stay tuned!!!
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