Thursday, December 31, 2009

52 Crafts: 2009 Summary

As I mentioned before At the beginning of the year I signed up to 52 Crafts. I posted about it here on the 14th of October at which point I'd created 22 items, so had 30 left to go. Today on New Years Eve I have created 50 items. As you can see I've been crafting away for the last 11 weeks. Below are thumbnail images of all the projects from this year in the order they were completed. Those that I have a blog post or burdastyle link can be clicked on to take you to the relevant page to see more information.

I'm only two shy of the 52 goal, but after umm-ing and err-ing about it this morning I've concluded that if I rushed to make two more things today I'd be making things for the sake of making them for the first time this year and that's not really how I want to end the experience. I think 50 is very respectable, and I'm happy to leave it at that.

White and Beige Striped ShirtPurple Tank Top for SallyPurple Tank Top For MeFlowery Skirt for JacintaCouch QuiltPlastic Bag HolderBear NightshirtArgyle PJ BottomsBottle Green Coffee Date DressStripey JJCalico Plastic BagSnippets of Projects Past Bed QuiltAmy S Hoodie (Wadder)Toga Dress for JacintaCoffee Date Tank Top (Wadder)Rolling Stones Tongue Plastic BagBlue and Red PJsHexacushionLittle Bouquet WallhangingSunderland Oven Gloves ISunderland Oven Gloves IIPeg Holder BagAdvent Calendar IGirl Monster (for Softies for Mirabel)Coffee Date Dress for KylieGrey Flowery Sidonie SkirtKylie's Sidonie SkirtAdvent Calendar IIBeatles QuiltErin's Lunch BagChristmas BuntingBoy Monster (for Softies for Mirabel)Fabric Bag for MumEmbroidered Pin-up girl for KristySailor Moon CostumeSailor Mercury CostumeSailor Venus CostumeSailor Jupiter CostumeSailor Mars CostumeSailor Mercury/Moon BootsMindy's Star CostumeSmiley Face T-shirt for MarcusJersey PJ Bottoms for MarcusNavy Flowered PJ BottomsCrossword Fabric BagStarry PJ BottomsHidden Support Tank TopRed and White Flower TopBlack Emily ShirtOwl Ornament

And so, goodbye 2009. It was nice knowing you.
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