Sunday, November 21, 2010

Advent Calendar 2010 - Happy Early Christmas Vicki

I showed you this sneak peek of a gift I'd made a while ago, but couldn't show you the whole thing until I'd given it to its recipient. Thankfully this gift was given today, so I can finally share all the gory details!

It was an advent calendar for my friend Vicki, hence the over a month early Christmas Pressie - I think giving it on Christmas day would have been a bit mean and stupid as she'd have to wait almost a whole year to actually be able to use it.

I used Elizabeth's advent calendar tutorial with a few variations to make the advent calendar, including a panel with printed numbered squares for the pockets, and not off setting the pockets in the sashing (although I wish I had, but I didn't have time)

As I mentioned before, It was made on my Grans Bernina, and quited using the stich regulator (although the stitches weren't that regulated as I had the wrong settings).

Monday, November 15, 2010

51 down...

51 hexagon flowers down...

... still lots to go.

Friday, November 12, 2010

And the award for most ingenious use of shoulder pads goes to...

I've mentioned my friend Mindy here before; she's the one that made the super-fantastic-star costume for last year's Christmas party. Well, she's been at it again - making awesome fancy dress costumes that is.

Last weekend we were invited to a Birthday party with the theme "80's Cartoon Characters" so Mindy decided to go as Jessica Rabbit. She bought some red sequined fabric and got creating... she used a corset/bustier she owned as a 'base' for the dress but wanted to increase coverage in the breast area, so got creative... and used shoulder pads for a nice supportive addition to the top edge of the dress (which also succeeded in making the costume even more Jessica Rabbit volumptious). Very ingenious!

Mindy spent most of last Saturday afternoon using my sewing machine while I worked on the stats for my thesis - sadly that's what my sewing life has come to, living vicariously through others.

My costume (deliberately) didn't require any sewing - only a little bit of cutting and sticking to fashion some ears. However, I wanted to show you as I LOVE the dress - Mindy lent it to me, and before returning it I sketched out the design and made some measurements so that I can replicate it, as it was super comfy, it even had in seam pockets in the skirt!
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